15 Stupid Hacks That Will Ruin Your Life

Life hacks are supposed to make our lives easier, right? Well, some of them are the exact opposite of that. Most of these hacks were probably made up with the best intentions, but they still fail in one way or another. Some of them will damage your property, others just won’t work and will leave you dissatisfied. And a small percentage is actually dangerous for your health or the health of your family. Think twice before trying any of these crazy hacks at home or anywhere else for that matter. Here are 15 life hacks that will probably ruin your life.

Gaining weight on purpose
We still don’t know if it’s a joke or not, but some people seem to believe that it’s a good idea to gain weight to make your clothes look good. Straighten all those nasty creases and fill out the gaps. The whole idea is so surreal that we can’t even wrap our heads around it. One thing we can say for sure – don’t. Just don’t do it for whatever reason in the world.

Onion protection
We don’t know if not being able to breathe is really worth it, but here it is – the ultimate onion protection, one and only.

Think this one may actually be quite a good idea? Just think about all the leftover crumbs in your hoodie and you’ll never want to try this incredulous life hack. Not mentioning the dirt factor and the fact that your hoodie will smell like the snacks you’ve eaten.

Arm band protectors
Well, it kind of is a good idea, but the drawback to this one is the fact that you won’t be able to get to taps without taking off the arm bands. And what if you need to add some hot or cold water? Or the tub is overflowing and you need to turn off water quickly? Not the best idea, all in all.

Fake sink
Do we even need to comment on this one? This is just bad. Never do it. Although we must admit that it is quite a creative way to avoid washing dishes.

Toothpaste in food
This is clearly a bad joke, but there are people who may still try it – for the reasons mentioned on the pic of for a ‘peppermint taste’. Obviously, toothpaste is packed with all kinds of chemicals and it would be a bad idea to eat it. Although, if it’s not safe to eat, should we be using it at all?

Popcorn instead of bubble wrap
Now that is one creative way to avoid bubble wrap. Will it work? We don’t know because we will definitely not try this one at home. Popcorn might be delicious, light and crunchy, but is it not too fragile to protect sturdy things? And it seems quite a waste of popcorn, frankly speaking.

Painted toes
This one is meant for the laziest people on Earth. How come this life hack is lousy, you might wonder? First of all, you’d still feel the hole in your sock and that’s one of the most aggravating feelings ever. Secondly, if someone notices you’ve done this, they will never think the same about you. Avoid this life hack at all costs!

Fake parenting
Is it really a good idea to trust the well-being of your kid to a glove filled with beans, or whatever there is inside? Parents who don’t get enough sleep (ultimately, all of them) can be tempted to try it out, but really, you don’t want your child to develop an attachment to a lifeless hand. No matter how handy it seems (pun intended).

Liquid knot solver
If only this one was true! This problem is so devastating that we even sometimes consider paying someone to de-tangle our earphones, but alas. There’s no magic cure for that and we need to do this ritual every time we want to listen to some music.

Tape selfie
Well, this one just looks silly. Geniuses have already invented selfie sticks for exactly that – taking selfies ‘with no hands’. So why even bother like this? Besides, the outcome is quite sad.

Fruity door
This is one pretty creative idea to enjoy a healthier lifestyle. And while this will definitely work for people with memory issues, there are other ways to remind yourself to take fruits and veggies, like notes and a plethora of apps. Although, we do admit it’s quite a fun way to have breakfast.

Seatbelt bottle opener
It’s just seems a little bit uncomfortable to head to your car each time you need a bottle opener. Why not just use a bottle opener?

Healthy and Tasty?!
It’s hard to believe that anyone can take this hack seriously, but there are all kinds of people in the world and it’s best that we say it right now – eggs won’t be half as good for your fitness diet if you add all those delicious ingredients to it.

Microwaved metal
While it might be tempting to make your spoon warmer for the ice-cream, it is not a good idea to put anything metal in your microwave. Maybe it won’t kill your microwave oven, but do you want to take that risk? Plus, you can always use hot water to warm up your spoon.



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