20 Bizarre Flavors of Food Around The World

Remember when the weirdest food product was margarine, simply because it tasted like butter but wasn’t really butter? We’ve moved way beyond that point, I’m afraid. There’s an entirely new market out there, and it’s called – by me – “weird food”.
The weird food scene takes perfectly normal food and injects an odd flavor into it. Not to make the food better – in most cases I can’t imagine it does – but just because this is how science has evolved in the last 20-or-so years.
Anyway, let’s take a look at some of these weird-flavored foods. You’ll see what I mean in a second.

Ginger Ale Flavored Kit Kat
Yup, it’s chocolate that tastes like ginger ale. I don’t know anyone that’s ever eaten chocolate and thought “I wish this tasted like ginger ale instead”, but it’s perfectly possible to cater even to those people’s needs.

Jalapeño Flavored Ice Cream
The wonderful refreshing feeling of ice cream is sure to mix well with the feeling of sharp spiciness that jalapeños give you.

Thanksgiving Flavored Gum balls
Not just the turkey – the entire Thanksgiving meal. All of it.

Potato Flavored Kit-Kat
Again, why put potatoes above chocolate?

Cucumber Flavored Potato Chips
Pretty ironic since cucumbers have little to no flavor in them.

Shrimp Flavored Ice Cream
As happy as I was when gin-tonic sorbet ice cream was a thing, that’s how sad I am now.

Salmon Flavored Potato Chips
This is weird. I don’t like weird things. Fish and chips only mix when they’re not part of the same piece of food.

Cajun Squirrel Flavored Potato Chips
Not just any squirrel – a Cajun seasoned one!

Peanut Butter and Jelly Soda
I don’t understand eating peanut butter and jelly, so I sure don’t understand drinking it.

Seaweed Flavored Pringles
Wait, isn’t that just … very salty?

Soft-Shell Crab Pringles
And another example of seafood not being the best combination with chips.

Buffalo Wing Flavored Soda
I literally can’t even imagine how that tastes, but I’m pretty sure I won’t like it.

Apple Vinegar Flavored Kit Kat
Vinegar? Chocolate and vinegar? Who invents these things?!

Tuna Salad Flavored Potato Chips
Tuna salad: yes. Potato chips: yes. Tuna salad flavored potato chips: heck no.

Bacon Flavored Soda
Mixing soda with bacon sounds like a good idea on paper, but it really isn’t.

Bacon Flavored Vodka
Just like the soda, vodka doesn’t mix well with bacon.

Borscht Flavored Potato Chips
In case you’d ever have a craving for potato chips that taste like Eastern European soup.

Haggis Flavored Potato Chips
It’s hard enough to get people to eat haggis, but this is just overkill. Don’t ruin our snacks!

Sweet Corn Flavored Ice Cream
Okay, let’s just be real here: ice cream has all the flavors it’ll ever need and then some. Stop inventing new ones.

Cheese Flavored Kit Kat
I wonder what kind of flavor they haven’t infused into Kit Kat bars.



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