20 Genius Photography Tricks – You’ll Never Trust Your Eyes Again

What does it take to get a great shot? The correct answer is – it depends. Everything matters in a certain situation, be it a high-end camera, lighting, angle, pose, or whatever else you can think of. The most important part of the equation would have to be a skilled and creative photographer. But what does that even mean? I’m glad you asked. Instead of talking about it, however, I’ll just show you.

Here are 20 genius photography tricks that will make you look at digital photos from a whole new perspective.

1. Aww, look, it’s starting to rain! Yeah, rain water mixed with some dude’s spit!

2. I just can’t diss this masterpiece. This is perfection incarnate!

3. Just squat in the bushes, nobody will notice.

4. I always wondered how they were holding those cameras… huh.

5. Everything about this screams “FAKE!” but it’s such a great picture.

6. Just like with #2, I’m salivating here.

7. Doesn’t look as dangerous when you get up close.

8. We all sometimes have to sacrifice something to get stuff done.

9. As the Mask would say it: “S-S-Smoking!”

10. Hey, steam is steam, who cares?

11. Alright, this one needed some extra skills.

12. Sick chain, bruh, where did you get it? *turns around* … oh…

13. Heey, it’s the macaroni thingamajig! Nice to see it being used creatively.

14. That’s a really cool wedding photo idea.

15. It’s not snow…

16. Yeah, that didn’t look even close to the real Eiffel Tower.

17. Is this still technically creative? Maybe?

18. I want a pet moon now!

19. The bush technique again? Okay.

20. If it wasn’t for that cloth wrinkle, this would’ve been a 10/10.



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