5 Minimalistic Home Decor Ideas That Will Give Your Visitors A Ride To Heaven

In times like these, when everyone on social media is screaming not to get married, to travel and party all night and blahbity bloo blah, you finally find that special one in this utter chaos with whom you decide to mark the beginning as ‘happily ever after’.

The feeling of getting married is very different.

The one that will reside in your heart for your entire life! And you do a lot of things to make that feeling all the more special.

One of it is decorating your home. The place that you always dream of how it’d look like, has now, finally appearing to become a reality.

This brings you to another trail of thought which is ‘how do I decorate my home?’

That space in your glass table top

table top with pictures for home decor
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You can stuff that space with a mix of your wedding pictures as well as your individual pictures. It will make for an interesting collage for your visitors to ponder over them and give them relationship goals. If there is wider space (which usually is filled with decorative stones), you can scatter those stones around the pictures and also put one on each, which would give a feel of cute little paper holders for every picture.

Give those wall stickers a little personal touch

wall stickers for home decor

There are so many wall stickers on the theme of autumn. In which there is a tree with several branches. You can replace those tree leaves with your pictures. You can also cut your pictures in the shape of leaves and paste it along the branches.

Install an LED light behind the headboard

led headboard bed home decor

An LED light behind the headboard will give you the perfect minimum light to make the moment romantic. I’d recommend the colour blue. If you want to use that light for multiple purpose like reading than you can go for regular yellow light. Even that will give you the perfect hue to enjoy movie, music, reading together. The best part of this light is it will not disturb if your spouse prefers to sleep earlier than you.

Buy a Bluetooth enabled light

smart light bedroom home decor

Bluetooth controlled light will add a lot of aura in your home. Whether it is your living room or bed room, it will give you the customized personality for every mood you are in. These lights can produce different colors and can also be synced with music to get the feel of a pub in your home.

Genie in a bottle

led lights in a bottle for home decor

What’d you do to the wine bottle you finished last night? You will wake up, probably through it in the dustbin or sell it for a rupee. From now on, start collecting them. Pick up the bottle, wash it well and leave it in sunlight for sometime for its smell to fade away. Label it with your memory. You can use these wine bottles for two purposes. Either make it drinking water bottles and let it adorn your fridge or put an LED light inside this bottle and decorate the corner of your living room with it and let that colorful light do rest of the job for you.

If you also have such interesting ideas do share in the comment box with us and we will make it a part of our post by giving you a link in it.

And don’t forget to share these ideas with your friends and families who just got married or are going to marry soon.



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