6 Unusual Places Inside Airports Every Globetrotter Should Visit

Usually when you’re traveling to a different country the first thing you see is the airport. Unless you live like a few miles from the border. Modern-day airports not only help the travelers to get from point A to point B, but sometimes provide exquisite entertainment zones for the passengers. Today I’ll show you some of the most fun places you can visit without leaving the airport!

1. Hong Kong International Airport
In this airport you can really get a bang for your buck. Starting with a canned tuna art installation, interactive tours, all the way to the biggest 3D IMAX theater in Hong Kong! Too bad you can’t live there…

2. Kloten International Airport in Zurich
If you ever want to learn more about how airports work from the inside, Kloten International Airport will tell you all about it! From watching the conveyor belts, to visiting secret rooms, and best part is, it’ll only cost you 10 Swiss franks.

3. Changi International Airport, Singapore
What do you usually expect to see in a regular old airport? How about a botanic garden full of rare and exotic plants? Or maybe a huge pond with some extremely beautiful and rare fish? No, you won’t see any of this in a regular airport, only in Changi International Airport in Singapore. Oh, and to top that all off, there’s a swimming pool with Jacuzzi on the rooftop. Best place ever!

4. Amsterdam Airport Schiphol
It’s true what people say: the best way to waste some time is to read a great book. When you engulf yourself into a story, the time flies like crazy. So the people at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol decided to add a library! There you can read thousands of books, magazines, and newspapers, sitting in cozy armchairs, smoking a… pipe. It is Amsterdam after all, what did you expect?

5. Franz Josef Strauß Airport, Munich
What’s the first thing that pops into your head when you hear “Munich”? If you answered “beer” – keep reading! It’s true that Germany’s considered to have some of the best beer in the world, so it’s no surprise that the Germans put a freaking beer brewery right inside the Franz Josef Strauß Airport. And you can order a tasting, or degustation set for a measly $8–10.

6. Dubai International Airport
Finally, our last destination for today – Dubai International Airport. You simply can’t get bored here. Probably the best part of this airport is the number of duty-free stores, taking up around 15,000 sq. m, and will provide you with countess shopping hours! Aside from that, you can plunge into the world of Arab luxury and learn some local customs. And, if you have some spare cash ($27-138), you can try your luck in lotteries, where you’d be able to win a cool bike or even a brand new sports car.



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