7 Tips for Living the Good Life

Are you looking for a good life ?

1.Be generous

We tend to reap what we sow and get back what we give. That applies to a multitude of areas in life, like money, love, concern, attention and affection.

2. Accept what happens in life

That doesn’t mean we should be passive, or “take whatever comes”. It means that we should recognise that everyone has both good and bad times – and then work to change what we can change, and cope with, and make the most of, what we can’t change.

3. Get rid of your old habits and break the chain

Often we get trapped in a self-defeating cycle. That can be a sure recipe for failure or disaster – if you’re living out a boring or self destructive script. Instead, choose to do something different, or to follow a new path. See life as an adventure that is full of great unknowns.

4. Face your fear and do it anyway

Each week, commit to doing something that is hard for you. You’ll find you end up feeling stronger and much more confident.

5. Don’t procrastinate

Do the stuff that is important or you’ll always feel stressed out, and be trying to catch up, instead of setting your own pace.

6. Live in the moment – don’t just focus on the future

Although it’s good to have some goals and a plan for where you’re going remember to relax and enjoy the journey, too.

7. Remember to have fun

Really living requires balance, and enjoying what you’re doing – for there’s no point in achieving if the journey wears you down.

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