Bye, Baby, Bye: A Lullaby

Bye, Baby, Bye: A Lullaby (1890 was written by Eudora S. Bumstead, composed by Fred C. Hahr. Retrieved from New York Public Library Digital Collections

The sun has gone from the shining skies,
Bye, Baby, Bye!
The dandelions have closed their eyes,
Bye, Baby, Bye!
And the stars are lighting their lamps to see
If the babies, and squirr’ls, and birds, all three
Are sound a-sleep, as they ought to be,
Bye, Baby, Bye!
Bye, Baby, Bye!

The squirrel is dressed in a coat of gray,
Bye, Baby, Bye!
He wears it by night as well as by day,
Bye, Baby, Bye!
The robin sleeps in his feathers and down,
With the warm red breast and the wings of brown,
But the baby, but the baby wears a little white gown
Bye, Baby, Bye!

The squirrel’s nest is a hole in the tree,
Bye, Baby, Bye!
And there he sleeps as sug as can be,
Bye, Baby Bye!
The nobin’s nest is high overhead,
Where the leafy boughs of the maple spread,
But the baby’s nest, but the baby’s nest
Is a little whitebed,
Bye, Baby, Bye!
Bye, Baby, Bye!


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