Chase Dreams – Chased By A Spider

I had a dream where I woke up in the middle of the night and then walked up to my attic. There was a huge spider web being spun by a giant spider. It then chased me into a corner. I jumped out the nearest window onto the street and continued to chase me through the streets of downtown Vancouver (at some points I was jumping across the tops of cars to get away from it). I woke up before it caught me.

Chris V.
August 8, 2000

Dear Chris,

Your dream suggest that you are feeling trapped in a current situation or relationship. Do you feel that you are being taken advantage of? You desperately want to get out of this situation, but you are afraid to stand up and confront it. As with the premise for many of the chase dreams, fear and anxiety are the main reasons why you are running away.  

When you dream that you wake up, it means that you have been enlightened or have made some new realizations. These thoughts may be in regards to the situation at hand. It’s no coincidence that your dream leads you to the attic. Being located in the upper levels, the attic is often the symbol of your mind and thoughts. Thus this relationship or situation (as represented by the spider) is literally occupying your mind. Is there one thing that you have been thinking about and you can not stop thinking about it or push it out of your mind? Most importantly, ask yourself what or who is masquerading as the spider.

Best Regards,


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