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Monsters On Bikes

I have this recurring dream of being chased by a gang of monsters on bikes. I know the neighborhood that I am in because I used to live there. I am on foot trying to get away and hiding in places that I know are safe. But they keep finding me. I also know it is Halloween, because I am in costume and so is everyone else. I am screaming for help, but the people around me, and the people whose doorbells I am ringing keep telling me that there is no one after me. They ask me if I want some candy to calm myself down. Then they start taking guns and shooting at me, but they miss. Finally, I can’t run anymore, and they catch up to me, and grab me by my nose when I wake up.

Thank you!
October 1, 2000

Hi Jessica,

Chase dreams are quite common and often reflect a situation that you are afraid in confronting. Being chased by a gang of monsters sounds quite frightening. You indicated that in your dream it was Halloween. These monsters were probably really people dressed in their own mask and costumes. The scenario of your dream and being that it is Halloween, furthers my belief that you are truly afraid in directly confronting a particular situation. Disguises and costumes protect and shield your real self. Behind a mask, you adapt a new persona and and feel freer in releasing your inhibitions. The costume/mask provides some sort of barrier against your vulnerabilities. It protects you from being hurt.

Another significant aspect of your dream is that the people you turn to for help turns against you. Does this parallel a situation in your waking life where you felt betrayed or that your trust was undermined? Next time you have another chase dream, turn around and confront the chasers. You may be surprised to find that what you are running from is not all that frightening. In doing so, you will even find that your recurring chase dreams will occur less often.

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