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Eating Out With My Dead Mother   


I would like to know what my dream means as it was so clear that it felt real.

I dreamt I was eating out with my daughter and my mother who died in October 2011 walked in but only I could see her. When I told my daughter this she said she couldn’t see her and I had a conversation with my mum. She said she loved me and told me to keep in my mind what she was going to say and all she managed to tell me were 2 numbers. When I hugged her I realised I was hugging my daughter (also not that in life my mum was not the hugging type and we were not on speaking terms these past couple of years) and we left the restaurant but before we did we had to clean some of my dog’s poo from the floor. We never take the dog out with us to eat but we did that day and the dog i have was my mums which I kept after her death.

Whilst thanking you in advance


April 2012

Hi Annette,

Thank you for sharing your dream with us. Since you mention that you are your mom were in non-speaking terms before she died, then I assume there were a lot of unfinished business and a lot of things left unsaid. Dreams are often a tool for you to help resolve some of these issues that were left hanging. 

When you were hugging your daughter thinking it was your mom, it is a symbol of forgiveness and letting go of all the negativity. It also represents the legacy that your mom is leaving. Somehow aspects of your mom lives within your daughter. 

Your mom’s dog being in the restaurant is very symbolic. Cleaning up the dog’s poo is analogous to a release of some negative emotions. You are able to let go some of the issues that you were holding in. 

Overall, the dream is rather therapeutic. 

Hope that helps!

Best Regards,




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