Contemporary Dream State – Ian Francis (8 pieces)

UK artist Ian Francis combines elements of pop culture, youthful exuberance, and sexuality to explore day-to-day life, while projecting fantasies against the backdrop of war and global strife. The apocalyptic feel of his work is created by mixing painting, drawing, photography and layered textures with digital editing to create ultra-realistic layers almost hidden beneath romantic layers of color.

I especially admire his attention to detail and use of abstract imagery to create a contemporary dream state with a modern day twist. Francis currently lives and works in Bristol with a degree in illustration from the University of the West of England.

Four Street Lights Suddenly Shatter Together

Tamara Mello Kisses a Dark Shape

A Girl at the Edge of a Pool Attempts to See Her Future

A Cheerleader Decides to Shoot Her Friend (This Scene is Real)

A Complex, Interrelated Problem Advances on a Girl in San Francisco

A Dark Haired Girl Tries To Seduce A Piano Player

An Ingnue is Lost in the Woods (Policeman, Policeman, Come Quickly)

Alice Joins The Army In Wonderland



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