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Dreams During Pregnancy

If you are pregnant, you probably notice how vivid and wacky your dreams are. Some dreams are so realistic and intense that it can make you cry or make you mad. With pregnancy in the brain, your mind may be on overdrive. Dreaming serves as an outlet for those thoughts; it is a way to relieve some of the stress and actually helps you prepare for motherhood and arrival of the baby. 

Getting up several times a night may interrupt your sleep, but it actually helps you remember more of your dreams throughout the night. Most of the time, you only remember the last dream you had right when you get up in the morning. However if you are getting up several times a night especially when you are in the middle of a sleep cycle, then it is more likely that you will remember more than one dream. So it is no surprising that pregnant women report more dreams and more vivid dreams. 

Your dreams during pregnancy can reflect your joy, excitement, anticipation, stress, anxiety and concerns about your impending arrival, as well as your hormonal and physical changes. As your hormones fluctuate, the fetus grows, and your body changes throughout the pregnancy, so does the content of your dreams. Interestingly, most pregnant women’s dreams had a pattern of what was dreamt about during the various stages of pregnancy. Although any dream theme can occur at anytime during your pregnancy, certain dream themes were found to be much more common at certain trimesters.

First Trimester Dreams

1. Giving Birth To A Grown Child or An Adult

2. Water-Themed Dreams

3. Fertility-Related Symbols

4. Going On A Journey

Second Trimester Dreams

1. Giving Birth To An Animal 

2. Giving Birth To An Alien

3. Teeth Falling Out

4. The Ex Lover

5. Erotic Dreams

6. Famous People

Third Trimester Dreams

1. Cheating Dream

2. Dreams Of Labor

3. Something Happens To The Baby

4. Large Animals And Objects

5. Being Attacked Or Chased

6. Violent Water Symbols

One of the most important thing in working through your pregnancy dreams is talking about them with your partner or friend. Pregnancy brings about a wide range of feelings and it helps to talk about them. It may even help to write your dreams down in your pregnancy journal. 



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