Dream Moods A-Z Dream Dictionary

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Dreams are stories and images that our minds create while we sleep. They can be entertaining, fun, romantic, disturbing, frightening, and sometimes bizarre.

They are an enduring source of mystery for scientists and psychological doctors. Why do dreams occur? What causes them? Can we control them? What do they mean?

Dream Moods A-Z Dream Dictionary

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There are currently 117 dreams in this directory beginning with the letter B.

Babies or having children
This is another common dream, and the meaning of this one is simple. To dream about babies just means you want to continue and grow your family and create a legacy. IT means you want to be a father or mother figure in your childrens lives and make the world a better place. The other side of this dream however, could be that you’re holding something back. Dreaming about children can also mean that you’re wanting to develop your relationship with your own inner child. It’s said that everyone has an inner child or true self that is itching to be released and freed. This sometimes manifests in the form of dreams.

$Baby dreams usually have more than one meaning depending on the context of the dream. Babies could be a metaphor for our nurturing side, or maybe a lack thereof. Some women who desire having a baby can alternatively have dreams of holding a baby as they may unconsciously want one. Babies tend to be very positive dream symbols suggest a “new birth” “new beginning” in life. They bring us an abundance of joy and happiness to symbolize a fresh start in life. Seeing a baby cry might be hinting for you to pay closer attention to your needs or related to inner child work. The purpose is make an effort to contact, listen to and communicate with, and nurture your inner child that was neglected for years. Holding a baby in your arms might be related to maternal instincts and your need to protect and nourish something. A dead baby signifies endings and failures in your life.

Baby Carriage
$To push or see a baby carriage in your dream suggest your desire in wanting a family. If you pushing an empty baby carriage in your dream means that you have missed an opportunity that you regret now. Though they say it’s possible that your missing your inner child.

$Men who dream of being a bachelor represents stress in his relationship. You may feel trapped and need some more space for your significant other. Men who dream of being a bachelor when they are married represents a need of freedom. You may be feeling trapped and cant escape. Talking to your wife might help these dreams from stopping. On the other hand when women dreams about a bachelor symbolizes the male aspects of herself.

$Dreaming of your back can mean more than one thing. If something hanging off your back means your carrying a load that you cant seem to handle. Your answer is right on your back. If your back is injured it means that somebody you know is out to get you. Dreaming back hair suggests unwanted growth or embarrassing things that you cover up.

$Seeing or carrying a backpack represents you have the right tools to make the right moves in your life. If the backpack is heavy than you may feel that your carrying a load on your back in your walking life. If your backpack happens to be empty, means that your not ready to move forward. If you walk with ease suggest that you are confident to make a move.

Dreaming of being in the back seat of somebody car symbolizes a lack of control. The person driving the car may have control over your decisions and movements in life.

Walking or running backward in your dreams means you are talking steps back with your life and not advancing. You may want to reflect on your current moves that you are making in your life. It’s very possible that walking backwards means you need to take a couple of steps back in a situation. Are you too involved in a awkward situation right now? Going in reverse in a car means you are going back to fix the mistakes you have you did in your past.

Dreaming that you feeling really bad represents that you feel somewhat guilty of a move you made. You may feel that your not needed in life. Bad breath represents negative speech or communication. A bad smell connects with trusting your intuition. Bad haircut suggests issues with your identity. Bad weather implies emotions or negative emotions coming your way. Bad dandruff represents unconscious feelings, emotions, thoughts, ideas that others can see. A symbol that relates to the dreamers image or protection that might be compromised. The flakes show issues pertaining to this growth taking place.

Bags in dreams are symbolic representations of what personal things we carry with us. Linked to the dreamers identity when the bag gets stolen it suggests losing a part of who you are. Someone may take something that holds value to you. If you dream of your bag burning it suggest renewal and change of your past and identity. A bag falling suggests a drop or mishandling of things that remain close to you.

When ever we are being held down in any form in our life we dream of baggage. Its possible somebody in your life is weighing you down. You might need to get rid of that “Baggage” that you have been carrying for a long time. Try and reflect on the people in your life that you have trouble dealing with. The person in your dream who is with you suggests that the person is responsible for bringing you down.

Dreaming of bait can mean that you are going to catch something unexpected. You may use your manipulate skills to get what you want. Its possible that you may be “fishing” for work you have done and want recognition. It is also possible that you might be the one who is “bait”. If your dream was pleasant or bad confirms whether you are the bate or not.

Being out on your balcony means that you need to be recognized or seen. Usually when your on a clean and rich balcony symbolizes that people admire you. If you notice that its in bad condition, means you need to do some maintenance on yourself. A broken or missing balcony railing suggests you need more support in a specific area in your life. A baby that falls off the balcony suggest a loss of things that where in progress in developing in your life. If your looking over the balcony means that you need to achieve the goal you want. Looking down off the balcony means your in more control of a situation that has caused you distress.

To dream of going bald might have to do with appearance or getting old as hair symbolizes youth. However being bald is not such a bad symbol as it could be aggression and toughness as its related to testosterone. Dreams symbols seem to be tricky in nature and if you are missing something on top of your head it might be connected to your memory. If you noticed you hair falling out in front of the mirror or in clumps, suggests a loss of control and feelings of fear over an aspect in your life. If you suffer from self confidence, fears of getting old or even losing sex appear these dreams tend to show up. On the flip side if there is a major change in your life like a new job or opportunity dreaming of being bald is a good thing. Depending your mood in the dream helps determine confidence or fears.

$According to dream master Carl Jung the ball might be a product of individuation a symbol of completeness. Like the circle anything round connects with the dreamers Self. A ball that hits your face is a wake up call or a warning of something that might hit you out of the blue. Ball lighting in your dream is a symbol of danger or enlightenment. Ball bearings represents a forceful or jolting outpour of repressed thoughts or urges.

$Balloons can represent your love life or hopes and dreams (see balloon colors meaning). If you are holding a balloon and let it go symbolizes that you “let go” of your goals that you worked hard at. If your balloon pops it represents a sudden embarrassment or failure in something that should be taking off. Holding on to a bunch of balloons means that you are very proud of your achievements. If you are in the sky in a hot air balloon it suggests positive transition and movements in your life.

$Seeing bamboo plants and trees are a very powerful omen relating to strength, flexibility, and health. Its strength and ability to bends teaches us to stand upright be flexibility and how to adapt to the harshest circumstances. The connection between them helps us to find balance and inner peace in our lives. A bamboo house reflects the grounding nature of the dreamers mind. Bamboo that falls suggests ending of something that was strong and sturdy.

$One of the best phallic symbols you can get in a dream. To dream of a banana represents a phallic symbol by suggesting sexual urges$instincts that are motive. Could this be a dream that is connected to your health? Bananas are fruit healthy for the soul and it might suggest a need to improve your health.

To see a bank in your dream denotes your desires for financial security. The dream may be trying to offer reassurance and that your fears of financial instability are unfounded.

To dream that you are robbing a bank signifies that you are expending too much energy and are in danger of depleting your inner resources. Alternatively, it indicates that money that is due to you is being delayed.

Dreaming that someone is robbing a bank or that you witness a bank robbery symbolizes lack of financial stability in your waking life.

*Please see also Vault.

$Banks in dreams represents the dreamer inner energy and activity in life. A positive symbol of finding the source where it is kept. Usually when we take out money out from a machine it represents reassurance and protection. You are using what you have worked for in the past. A bank robbery in a dream suggest using up valuable stored energy – or – an energy vampire that has taken from you. A stolen bank card suggests someone or something is taken from your self worth and achievement.

$People who dream of being bankrupt have concerns about their money management. You may want to save and be careful with your money in your account. Others who dream of being bankrupt represents the persons emotions state. Are you feeling overworked in life? You might want to take it easy and slow down.

To see a banner in your dream indicates your willingness to stand up and fight for a cause or common goal. A banner also means the need for better organization and planning.

To dream that you are at a banquet indicates that you are emotionally malnourished. You are seeking emotional stimulation.

*Please See Also Feast.

$These dreams bring your awareness to grounding (root chakra) a need to be in nature to ground your energies. It could also suggest protection from mother earth against negative energies. If you are missing shoes it might suggest you are in need of protection along your life path. Walking barefoot in church connects to grounding in your spirituality.

$Dreams about descending into a basement are connected to our unconsciousness. The floors in a house represent our psyche$mind and when you head to the basement you are entering a world of hidden motives, shadow, instincts, repressed memories and experiences. This is the unknown part of the dreamer, the part that is one level below the consciousness. According to Jung this is the place where you lose your soul and rediscover it. The darkest parts that we represses within our self are found in the basement. It is important to write down as much information as much as possible as all the symbols in them connect the meaning behind this powerful dream.

$ The meaning behind a bathroom in your dream can vary depending what is taking place. Bathrooms could a appear as a metaphor to rid something that was in you that you no longer need. This could also be connected to the “root charka” for our security, stability and basic emotional needs. However the dream meaning can change when you are embarrassed as you might be doing your personal business in front of others. Are you exposing something that you hold deep within that you could be vulnerable about? The condition of the bathroom might be connected to your appearance or a need to clean up aspects of yourself if its dirty. If you have trouble finding the bathroom it suggests that you building up your emotions that cannot be released properly. If you are in the stall it might be a metaphor to “stall” something” or could target your personal insecurities. Poop dreams might reveal your current inability to deal with some problem in your life. If the poop was yours maybe your dream signifies your desire to have a visible outcome of some situation. If you are flushing the toilet your past problems are a thing of the past.

$Bats in the modern world have a negative connotation around them, however that doesn’t necessarily suggest the same thing in dreams. Connected to Mother (Earth) bats emerge every evening at dusk, as its reborn every night. This might suggest a rebirth of some sort as the old (death) has died off. The symbol of a bat also leads us to think they are connected to the psychic$spiritual aspect of the dreamer almost hinting that their others scenes that are not used.

$When we dream of a beach it could be connected to a positive emotions state of mind. Dreaming of relaxing on a beach house suggests you that you need a break from your daily activities. The connection between the land and the water bridge the consciousness and emotional unconscious side of the dreamer – waves are often depictions of emotional disturbances approaching. Sand showing the passing of the time, a symbol to explore the unknown before its too late.

$To dream of beans can be a powerful symbol of resurrections and rebirth since they grow spiritually up to the sky. It is common for pregnant women to dream of beans while pregnant as it represents growth from a seed or male sex organs.

$A very powerful dream symbol that shows a wild destructive emotional forces if not tamed or understood within. The bear has a close affiliation with the mother, when it attacks it shows a negative relationship that is causing issues in your walking life. It’s protecting nature will either make you stand up or run away from this feminine force in your life.

Beaten Up
$Often times we are beaten up in our dreams to reflect how we feeling in our daily life. Could it be possible that people are ganging up on you?

$Houses are commonly seen as parts of the dreamers mind or psyche; a substructure that connects the mind, body and soul. A beautiful house is a positive symbol that represents inner beauty and enlightenment. To dream of a beautiful mountains it connects to the dreamers spirit, goals and aspiration; once climbed you will unlock higher consciousness. Men who dream of a beautiful girl might connect to their own inner feminine or anima. To dream of a beautiful waterfall connects to the dreamers emotional state of mind, a positive new outlook on life. To dream of a beautiful garden suggests you have grown something from the past that is now going to flourish in your walking life. To notice a beautiful sky connects the dreamer to the heavens and higher consciousness. When you dream of seeing beautiful hair represents new found growth, positive thoughts and movements in your life.

Becoming wealthy
We all want wealth in some way. To dream about it just means your brain is confirming your desire for wealth. It can also be linked to freedom and time because money and time are usually linked.

Bed Bugs
$These blood suckers bring your attention to the people in your life; or sexual issues that have manifested for too long. Killing them is a positive sign that will fix this problem. When they feed of of you make sure you found out who it is before it spreads.

Bed or Bedroom
$The bedroom is connected to to our sexual, secretive, instinctual and repressed side of our emotions. The bed relates to sexual pleasure, rest; the holy place in which we meet oneself and or another person deeply and passionately.The connection where new relationship are born and new life to be made. Depending on how you view a bed can change the meaning of your dream. A bed can connect to the sensual rather than sexual contact; sickness, privacy, and the testing place of a relationship. If you are sick you end up in bed, or if you suffer from insomnia a bed shows up a symbol of rest and protection.

$Dreaming of bees in your dreams is a pleasant dream symbols that represent wisdom, prosperity and industry.. Bees are very hard and efficient team workers that make honey. This could be translated for possible money heading your way. The ancient Druids thought that bee as representing the sun, the Goddess and celebration. However a bee sting are not usually considered a good omen possibly connected to your emotions or others. In the Bible bees and honey are mentioned quite often. This can only mean that bees, in particular, play a significant role in both Christianity and Judaism.

$Dreaming of being beheaded implies a communication problem between the mind and body; a severance or distortion between these two factors.

Being born
Dreaming about being born is a VERY intense experience. Because we can’t REALLY remember what this was like, our brains make it up. Because we ALSO know it’s supposed to have been a very intense and important moment in our lives (the most important some would say) our brains make the dream about this intense and very memorable.

Being chased by something
I’ve said ‘something’ because often, we don’t even KNOW what’s chasing us in these types of dreams. Being chased by something or someone is such a common dream that there are entire books and websites about it. Usually it’s not anything in particular but just the ‘feeling’ like you’re being chased, and so you run and run. In the dream of course, running and ‘pushing’ your leg muscles to run faster does nothing but slow you down, just like trying to fly. fear,nightmare,overcome nightmares,control your dreams,stop nightmares, What are you afraid of? Why? Now, this is an interesting one because it could just be that you’ve seen too many horror films and you’re scared of someone chasing you. Chase scenes are VERY common in horror films, and you might just be reliving it because you just saw a film. It can also however, mean that you’re worried about an issue that you’ve no resolved. Let’s say if you’re leaving that work you KNOW you need to do for next week, to dream about being chased is like your brain saying ‘come on, pay attention to this issue now’.

Being cheated on (by your partner)
If you’re in a relationship, and you’ve ever been cheated on in the past, you’ll remember that sinking feeling when you first found out. This has been wired into your brain and heavily labelled as ‘bad’. so whenever we’re in a relationship in the future (after being cheated on before) we sadly spend a little bit of time dreaming or thinking about ‘what if I got cheated on again?!’. And that’s why we sometimes dream about being cheated on. It doesn’t always mean you don’t trust your partner, you have to consider if yo’ve been hurt before and how badly. You might have the best most loyal partner ever, but if you’ve been cheated on a lot before, it’s only natural to be a little cautious and that’s why you dream about it.

Being embarrassed in public
This usually mirrors something you’ve experienced in waking life. When we experience shame in waking life it’s not nice, so sometimes we dream about it because it’s scary and it lingers in our minds.

Being invisible
Sometimes we just don’t want to be seen. Dreaming about being invisible has a meaning that’s not obvious. It can mean that you don’t want to be seen, BUT it can also mean that we feel like we’re seen so much that we just don’t want the fame anymore.It’s common for celebrities to dream about being invisible, because they sometimes don’t like the newfound fame and attention they’re getting.

Being kidnapped
Nobody wants to be kidnapped. Dreaming about being abducted can mean that you’re scared of a situation changing. This type of dream is actually a LOT more common among parents, who are scared that their child might be taken.

Being Killed
If you are being killed in your dream shows the dreamer is putting up a resistance to change in their life – an unconscious symbol that can be decoded metaphorically based off of what images surround it.

Being late
Nobody likes being late. It shows that we’re not good at keeping time, and it’s a bit embarrassing. Much like many of the other common dreams here, we’re just scared of doing certain things. Every time we go to a meeting or gathering, what’s going through our minds as we journey there? ‘I hope I’m not late!’ and that’s what we think about and focus on a lot. Therefore, that’s what we dream about. I’ve always said the things we think about most often are usually the things we dream about. Don’t focus on negative things!

Being lost
Usually being lost in a dream denotes being anxious or scared. It doesn’t always mean this though, and actually it comes back to the situation where you dream about the things you’re scared of. It’s like your mind is just playing tricks on you and saying ‘you know that thing you’re terrified of? Here’s what it feels like’. Sometimes dreaming about being lost can mean that you’re lacking direction in your life or you’re feeling like you don’t have any goals or achievements.

Being naked in public
We all fear being embarrassed in front of the larger tribe (society) and so being naked in public is sadly a common dream. From a young age we’re told that we should always cover up so as to not expose ourselves to people. This means that to dream about being naked means you’re worried about how people will think of you. You’re worried in some way about the appearance you have in society or even how you appear to a friend or partner. Pay attention to how often you have this dream, and think about ways you can reduce the amount you worry.

Being pregnant (girls)
Pregnancy in a dream usually denotes being ready to give birth to something new in your life. It cold actually BE a child, if you’re worried about being pregnant, or it could just be considering starting something new like a new relationship, job, travel plans or even trying to change yourself. It can also denote being scared of taking on new responsibilities, as children often are linked with a high level of responsibility. To dream about it in a negative way (the feeling of the dream is rushed, panicked, stressed) can mean you’re not ready to take on new challenges.

Being really ill
Illness dreams can sometimes mean you’re worried about changes or lack of control, but not usually.Usually, dreaming of being ill or even dying from an illness is a sign you’re not happy with your health situation. Usually, we have SOME sort of idea about our health and we know what’s bad and good for us.

Being sexual in public
the idea of being sexually active in public is a naughty one, and for most people something we’ve never experienced. To dream about it can mean that you want more excitement and action in your life.

Being shot
Much the same as the stabbing dream, to dream about being shot just means you’re consuming too much negative media. Being shot is something that almost no one in the first world really experiences in REAL life. We only hear about it in third world countries, in the news or in films.If you stopped consuming those types of media, you’d dream about it much less. Of course, this is different if for example, you’e been in the military and have REAL memories of being shot at, in which case the dream doesn’t mean anything, it’s just a symptom of PTSD.

Being stabbed
With the rise of violent crime being reported in the media it’s no wonder that lots of people are starting to have more and more nightmares or dreams about being mugged, shot or stabbed. It’s mainly due to the media and how they portray only negative events and we consume more of that now than ever before.To stop these types of dreams, just stop watching TV. It’s doing you no good anyway! If you are dreaming about being stabbed in the BACK, it can mean that you’re worried or suspect someone’s going to betray you.

Being super rich
Everyone’s had the dream of being super rich and sailing around on a big boat, but what does it mean? Dreaming of being rich or having lots of money is actually more about the freedom. Yes, another dream that means you want more freedom.The reason there are so many dreams that mean the same thing is because so many people want more freedom and time in their lives. Their brains just have different ways of portraying it in a dream. for some people, being rich means they’d have more freedom, and they could live the life they’ve always wanted.

Being taken by aliens
Aliens mean different things for everyone. For some people they mean a higher intelligence and so to dream about them means you’re seeking more wisdom and knowledge. For other people, they’re scary, and to dream about them is just a nightmare experience. Getting around with lucid dream portals

Being trapped somewhere
To dream about being trapped tends to mean you’re just worried about your current situation. This can mean your job, relationship or even which country you’re in. Your mind tends to show you things in a subtle way, so if you’re worried about your job holding you back from traveling for example, your brain might create a dream in which you’re trapped.A dream about being trapped in a small space usually means you’re just not happy with where you are and you want to change your current situation. There’s not many cases where dreaming about being trapped is a good thing, so be careful with this one!

Belly Button
$A powerful symbol that connects to your inner child, inner awareness and connection to the mother (feminine). Whenever the belly button is infected or bleeding it represents some sort of inner distortion, loss of vital energy, or a negative connection with the feminine. Cleaning it is a positive symbol that represents a renewal and regrowth.

$A belt metaphorically mirrors the things in our life that help hold us up, or tighten things that are loose. If you received a belt as a gift this suggests an outside force that will help support you. To dream of a black belt represents achievements and goals that have been completed.

$The color and context of your dream can alter the meaning of these dreams. Berries often are used to symbolize many different things in literature, art, mythology, and everyday life. Eating a poisonous berry in your dream could suggest a toxic environment or could be related to health and what you eat. Berries are reminders of good health and abundance in your life. If you eat a strawberry the color red suggest passion and the symbol is sexual gratification.

Big Pots
$A symbol that is connected to the dreamers creative power that is stored within. Food connects us to nourishment of the soul or family life and growth.

$Bikes connect the dreamer to movement and male energy. It shows the dreamer how they move around in their personal lives pointing at our direction, balance and inner drives. The shape of the wheel can imply the “circle of life” for the Buddhists as it relates to the constant movement of the spinning of the tires. A stolen bike is a negative symbol that represents a loss of your direction, mobility and masculine energy. A bike that is in an accident suggests a sudden halt in your movements. Carl Jung would observe the shape of the wheel being a circle or whole connecting it to the self. Riding a bike might suggest how your current path and direction is unfolding. If you are struggling with the peddles or smoothly riding could be a mirror reflection to what is taking place. Falling off the bike suggest a lack of balance and control you may have over your path.

$To dream of meeting a billionaire connects the material wealth and gain, or relates to the egos wants and desires. If you dream of being a billionaire represents high hopes and expectations you see within yourself. Women who dream of a billionaire or rich man might be connected to their inner masculine or what Jung referenced to as the animus.

$Generally, birds are a positive symbol that show us peace, freedom, harmony, balance, ideas, joy and love. Keep in mind the meaning of the dream can alter depending on the type, color, condition, number and your location of the dream. Dreaming of birds inspires us to expand our consciousness to reach new heights. These lovely messengers emerge in our dreams to encourage us to broaden our horizons, live more freely and release our fears. If you noticed them in flight it donates to breaking free from your responsibilities and closed minded thinking. Unlike noticing a bird in a cage is a metaphor for your thoughts, desires and restrictions are caged and need to spread its wings.

$Birthdays can be seen as symbols of inner growth and prosperity. If the birthday comes at a surprise its implies this new growth might come unexpected. Dreaming of a birthday cake represents that you will undergo new growth and will be rewarded from others. If you are attending it might be related to you or the person whos party it is.

$Generally being bitten in your dream implies anger or a verbal attack Bites that come from a human would translate differently from a bite from a reptile. If somebody you know bites you in a dream it is connected to the mouth, talk, words that could harm you. If you where to be bitten on the right hand it might suggest a friend or someone bites the hand that feeds them.

Black Magic
$Dreaming of black magic suggest that you are not using the right methods in order to achieve what you want. Are you pulling strings in the wrong places? Usually when we dream of black magic means there is some evil lurking around you. If your are being affected by black magic in your dream you might be manipulating situations to be in more control.

Black Panther
$These powerful animals connect the dreamer to their shadow – unknown or unconscious behaviors or urges you posses. They can also be connected to the feminine, intuition, vision and aggression.

$These dreams bring your attention to what you are unable to see in your walking life. They are metaphoric dreams hinting at aspects in our life that is blinded. A blind animal such as a cat or dog relates to the lack of insight within our own instincts and behaviors. Similarly to a blind snake it shows a lack of understanding out own nature – enteral energy that is hindered. Blinded in one eye in your dream implies your intuition and instincts are compromised, and inability to see clearly.

$In most cases most images that are blocked usually has to do with the dreamers inner world or their path in life. Toilets that are blocked connect to the root chakra – anxiety disorders, fear, panic attacks, worry, overthinking, depression, nightmares, emotionally disconnected, disconnected from the body, anger. If your nose is blocked it relates to your senses or instincts, whereas blocked ears connects to communication or listening.

$Blood is a very powerful dream symbol that connects to our live force$energy that we have within. The red color is symbolic associating it to lust, passion, anger and the heart. According to some accounts some suggest blood indicates wealth and it often implies good luck or fortune. Losing blood sheds light on loss of personal energy and a need to rejuvenate. Blood and wine are interchangeable, Paul quoting Christ in 1 Corinthians 11:25. He also took the cup when he had supped, saying, “This cup is the New Testament in my blood: this do ye, as oft as ye drink it, in remembrance of me.”

Boa Constrictor
$The boa constrictor is not your typical snake dream were you are confronted with a venomous bite or attack. Rather an intricate trap carefully planned just for you to come close. A symbol of an enemy, unconscious fears or a guide helping you along your life journey.

$Boats are quite symbolic showing us our journey across life; therefore, a boat can be seen like any vehicle that enables us to make such a journey. On your life journey you it may be spiritual, education, desire, curiosity, or any other such motivation. However one main symbol that is connected with the boat is the water as it holds it up. The metaphor to links us to the emotional unconscious part of the dreamer. The condition of the boat the location and the description of the water can change up the meaning entirely. If you encounter smooth sailing or waves depending on upcoming events in your life. If you are fishing as opposed to falling off a the boat lets us know how you are maneuvering in your life at the moment. If you are noticing your boat sinking it could imply you will be consumed by your emotions. Crashing the boat brings your attention to a lack of control in your life and you are heading for an emotional difficulty.

Boiled Eggs
Eggs are a very symbolic symbol that represent wholeness, it brings hope and purity. It is a symbol of fertility and the circle of life. In Asian cultures it considered luck and wealth.

In most cases boils are negative dream symbol unless the dreamer pops or squeezes puss out of them. Often what is shown on the outside or what you display to others might reflect an embarrassing situation. This is usually something under your skin that translates metaphorically for something negative building up inside you that needs to be addressed.

$When bombs are being dropped from above it signify some danger to come. A symbol of uncontrolled or unexpected anger from someone or a situation that will unfold. Explosions show signs of anger or aggression that may also be linked to the dreamer.

To dream of bones the things in your life (past) that have died and buried. Bones symbolize the indestructible life, combined with death and rebirth. Finding bones in your mouth relate to communication issues. Noticing bones inside the body represents core values and underlying strengths and structure. Broken bones suggest inner weakness – a sign to develop strength along your life’s path.

To dream of boogers represents blocked intuition, listening to your gut instincts, or embarrassing situations. If you are dreaming of pulling or picking boogers out of your nose it can be a positive sign that you are becoming aware of your own true self.

Book of Life
The Akashic Records is also referred to as the “Book of Life” is a mystical database that carries records of every single human event though out history. The hall of records is also comprised of every single human thought, emotion, intent and words stored inside similar to a memory card. These are experiences that are recorded from the past, present and future.

These dream are often symbol when it comes to learning something new or connects to the dreamers intellect. Noticing a bookstore in your dream represents inner knowledge and a source of wisdom. Buying books implies you will find some new source of information to benefit you. Picking up an old book relates to wisdom and experience.

Connected to your movement, path or how you navigate in your life. You walk everyday on your feet the condition signify how protected you are. Torn boots suggest hard work but a need to slow down and recharge. Buying boots represents new movement and protection along your journey. Rubber boots signify protection against emotional turmoil.

Dreaming of a border is an important dream symbol that you should pay attention too. In your walking life you have made an important move that will change the way things are done. You are now on a new path that you would forget the past. If you pass a border with out permission suggests you crossed a line where you shouldn’t have.

Border Collie
To see a border collie in your dream is a guide that will lead you in the right direction. Its black and white coat suggests the yin and yang relating to the masculine energy that remains unconscious. The world smartest dog has come to you for a reason.

It is not uncommon to sleep with your boss. Do you admire or hate your boss? A lot of these qualities might need to be incorporated within. They appear to show up for many reasons like projections, unconscious past memories or the past is reliving in the future. A boss that dies suggests the old version dying off for change to come. Boss that hug the dreamer show a new found connection at your work relationship. A boss that scolds the dreamer reflects insecurities and confidence at work. A pregnant boss is a positive symbol representing new birth and growth in the company.

Unlike the circle that could connect us to The Self. The four sides of the heart-square symbolizes an aspect or opening for awareness and inspiration. The four sides could be a metaphor for the north, west, east, south, sun, moon, planet, stars. birth, child, adulthood and death. What was in the box? Was it empty or full of items?


To see your boyfriend in your dream represents your waking relationship with him and how you feel about him. If you dream that your boyfriend is walking away while you hang out with your friends, then the dream suggests that you are not spending enough time with your friends. You need time away from your boyfriend to spend with friends.

To dream that your boyfriend is dead indicates that something in your own Self that is no longer functional and is "dead". You are not being allowed to fully express yourself. It is also symbolic of your own relationship with that person. Perhaps you need to let go of this relationship. Alternatively, your boyfriend's death may signal a new phase in your relationship. Perhaps you are getting engaged.

If your boyfriend is away and your dreams of him involve a lot of touching, then it signifies how much you are missing his presence and having him nearby. The dream is telling you not to take the day to day things for granted. Learn to cherish the smaller things in life.

Dreaming that your boyfriend is getting married to another person represents a significant change in the relationship. It may mean that the relationship is moving forward into a new stage or that you are rethinking the longevity of the relationship. Perhaps deep inside you know that he is not the one for you.

To dream that your boyfriend tells you that he is gay or that he doesn't love your anymore represents your own insecurities with the relationship. It may also mean that the relationship is moving to a new level to which you are expressing some anxiety and fears about the changing situation. You may feel left out it in his life or that you are unable to share in all his experiences. It boils down to trust and communication.

To dream that you have a new boyfriend different from the one you have in your waking life implies that your existing relationship has moved on to a higher level. The relationship has moved toward a more serious phase.

To dream that you are pretending to be someone's boyfriend implies that you are not ready to settle down into a committed relationship. You don't want to be tied down.

Boyfriend Cheating
Your boyfriend cheats in your dreams for many reasons, usually for reasons that have nothing to do with infidelity. A symbol that emerges when you cannot express your own emotions, past hurt and insecurities.


To dream that you are wearing a bra signifies support and protection. Perhaps you need to have your spirits uplifted. Alternatively, it may represent your nurturing side and maternal feelings.

To dream that you are not wearing a bra indicates that you have no discipline or control. Alternative, it may reflect your sexual nature.

When we dream of wearing a bra it represents support and security from somebody close to you. You might want to learn how to become more confident with yourself in your walking life. If you are a man and your are trying on or wearing a bra, represents being overworked at home and at work. Do you need help and nobody is giving it to you? Try not to be alarmed with this dream its quite common for men.


To see or wear a bracelet in your dream refers to an expression of deep passion and fire. The dream also highlights your need to reach out to others. It is a sign that you need to rekindle old friendships and to call up an old friend that you haven't heard from in awhile.

To see a broken bracelet in your dream suggests that you tend to sacrifice your own comfort and happiness for others.

Dreaming that you are eating a bracelet implies that you are not getting the help that you need. If the bracelet was a gift from a specific person, then it means that you feel this person is out of reach. Perhaps you are not able to connect with this person on some level.


To wear a bracer in your dream indicates that you are holding back in some area of your life instead of giving it your all. You are questioning your abilities.

These dream are often metaphoric to the control you have in your life that often appears not to be working. Dreaming of breaks suggests how well you will control a situation along your path. When the breaks fail it suggest a loss of control and movement. Driving without breaks implies taking chances and risks that could cause you to crash if you are not careful.

This powerful symbol that some would considered it a gift from God, thus encouraging you to explore what this means to you on a deeper level. Often giving or receiving this is a positive omen wanting you to explore who you are on a deeper level.

Whenever we break some object in our dream symbolizes change or broken dreams. To see broken glass like plates or glasses represents our values and pride. Who was in your dream when this was going on? This might help you break down what person is effecting you in your walking life. Kids toys broken suggests that you have destroyed your inner child. When we dream of a broken window doesn’t necessarily mean seven years of bad luck. It means that you are broken emotionally.

Breaking Up
Common dreams are breaking up with unresolved past relationships as emotions are not sorted out. However if you dream of either breaking up with your husband wife or boyfriend girlfriend it might be fears, confidence, stability or desires you possess. Could it be a metaphor for change in the relationship or to break apart aspects of your relationship.

These are unique dreams that shows signs of metaphorically nurturing something new within. The stage after being pregnant, there is new life relating to ideas, career, inner masculine and beginnings. Breastfeeding a baby connects to nourishing your inner self. Could this dream be a wishful fulfillment?

Breath or Breathing
In our dreams we often have trouble to breath or struggling to put air into our lungs. Now in most cases this awful feeling may be a result of sleep paralysis – the inability to move in our bed. This may also be attributed for the feeling as if someone is breathing on you. However, in dreams about gasping for air represents distortion within your mind, body and soul; emotionally or physically stagnated in a particular situation. Breath is essentially your “life force” which is being restricted from you – friends, relationships, fears, work etc.. To dream of bad breath represents embarrassing situations you are unaware of. This might be unknown to the dreamer but can be sensed by others. Bad breath might be indicating poor communication or relates to a distortion within the mind, body and soul.

The breeze is a powerful symbol that connects with the spirit. It’s movements is something we cannot see but feel; linking to a shift – the messenger of divine intervention, and it is the vital breath of the universe. To dream of cold breeze is a warning to be prepared to cover yourself when it comes.

We associate bridges with connecting one place to another. These are positive dream symbol that join us with the spiritual, emotional, relationship and friendship. Dreams appear as metaphors and the terminology we use in our daily lives play a part in our dreams. A metaphor for bridging the gap, a bridge over trouble waters, a bridge to far, burning bridges, cross that bridge. You might be transitioning from one place to another or you might be cutting away things that where once important.

To dream that you are crossing a bridge signifies an important decision or a critical junction in your life. This decision will prove to be a positive change filled with prosperity and wealth in the horizon. Bridges represent a transitional period in your life where you will be moving on to a new stage. If the bridge is over water, then it suggests that your transition will be an emotional one. If you fall off the bridge and into the water, then the dream indicates that you are letting your emotions hold you back and prevent you from moving forward. Alternatively, the bridge may indicate that you are trying to "bridge" or connect two things together.

To dream of a run-down bridge indicates that you should not contemplate any major changes in your life at this time.

To see a bridge collapse in your dream implies that you have let an important opportunity pass you by.

To dream that you are being bridled indicates that you need to show some restraint and control, either physically, mentally or spiritually.

To see a bridle on a horse suggests that you are being manipulated in some waking situation.

Broken Glass
Does this mean you will have bad luck? Broken glass brings your attention to things that are important or possibly fragile that has broken. This could mean relationships, physically or ideas that are shattered.

You might need to brush something off or straighten something out related to your appearance. Its close connection with hair suggest new growth and wisdom. If you are paining your house it has to do with refreshing your mind.

Are you forgetting to protect yourself in life in anyway? These dreams indicate a need to tighten up or you are making sure you are safe in your journey ahead.

Most of the time these dreams indicate something is bugging you that you are not putting your focus on. They connect to negative thoughts, behaviors or feelings (guilt, anxiety) that annoy you, more metaphorically, crawls over your subconscious mind. The type of bug determines how big the annoyance is.

Dreaming of a building is highly symbolic that represents the dreamer. The layout becomes a metaphor for the psyche of the dreamer relating to drives, ideas, motives, beliefs, relationships, principles. What is inside is often unconscious to the dreamer. Tall or damaged buildings are common themes of progress or failures.

Buildings and houses
A dream about a building or a house is usually a sign that you’re thinking about your childhood home. It can also mean you’re thinking about security or the feeling of being safe. Homes and buildings are linked with safety, warmth, shelter and for most of us, home. To dream about someone else’s home might mean that you want to spend more time with that person. Pay attention to which room of the house or building you find yourself in. Are you hiding in a room? Or are you at the top of the house, looking at the world through the window. Which room you dream about makes a difference in terms of the meaning of this dream.

When the bull has emerged in your dreams it contains a powerful message that has penetrated your consciousness with brute force. It manifests as what you are running away from or standing up to, encourages you to confront your unconscious fears, drives and urges.

Could these dreams be repressed memories from your childhood? If not could it reflect aspects of your work, home or relationship? The location and who is around are clues where to investigate.

Bunnies connect the dreamer to luck, prosperity, abundance, and fertility. They can be considered both a positive and negative omen depending how the rabbit appears in your dream. They can display similar characteristics to the fox – a deceitful or cunning animal that takes the role of the trickster. A symbol of sexual repression or innocence.

Burglars in your home
The idea of some strange rummaging around downstairs in the middle of the night is scary. It’s been drilled into us that it’s a terrifying experience from horror films and the media, and so our brains sometimes play tricks on us and make us dream about it.It can also mean the same sort of things as the dream about hiding from something, and it just means you’re feeling insecure about something.

These dreams bring your attention to your mind psyche as someone or something has been violated. The items that where taken are clues to what to investigate.

Buried Alive
When you dream about being buried represents our fears are taking over our life. Get a handle on your emotions and stop stressing. This is your unconscious mind telling you to wake up and smell the roses and fix the problem. If you are burying a person dead or alive symbolizes inner turmoil. You might need to correct a issue that you are covering up.

Anything burnt in your dream usually has a negative association with it. The aftermath of a fire relating to an intense or passionate feelings about something or someone. When the dreamers hand is burnt represents offerings, help, or work that will be taken for granted. A burnt house usually represents endings or personal changes within the dreamers psyche. Burned by fire is synonymous with anger or rage from someone. This might also imply being tired or burnt out. The saying you get burnt playing with the fire suggests be aware of your movements. If you noticed a burnt face it might reflect unconscious aspects of yourself that has been damaged by your past. If your legs are burnt in your dream it becomes a warning to either slow down or your progress will be stopped by an angry force.

Buses in our dreams are significant symbols metaphoric to movement in our life, from one stop to another. The key motive behind the dreams is to bring attention to our movement, changes and direction of our life path. Our journey has its ups and downs, sometimes we miss the bus suggesting missed opportunities or not being ready to move to the next stop. These short stops in life can be any type of movement that goes on with us. If you experience a bus crash might be the end of the direction you might be going. If you are driving the bus you will have more control over you destiny. If the bus loses control donates to a lack of direction in your life at the moment.

These are dreams implying for you to slow down as you might be rushing in life.

Butterfly Dream
s Butterfly’s are considered some of the most powerful dreams symbols that connect us to our own personal transformation. These unique dream symbols are arrows pointing at our soul as a butterfly goes through the metamorphosis stage. These very symbolic creatures where the Christians believe it’s as a symbol of resurrection, where the Chinese thought of it as bliss and joy. The image of the butterfly is presented to us as a metaphor in our dreams that shed light with the new and out with the old.

As funny as this dream is it might have more of a significance than you might think. These dreams hint for us to protect yourself to watch out for something behind us. You might want to cover your ass in some situation you are experiencing in your walking life.

These dreams are usually linked to our clothing that holds and connects our image together. Clothes cover us from others and a button makes sure we are not exposing ourselves.

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