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Dreams are stories and images that our minds create while we sleep. They can be entertaining, fun, romantic, disturbing, frightening, and sometimes bizarre.

They are an enduring source of mystery for scientists and psychological doctors. Why do dreams occur? What causes them? Can we control them? What do they mean?

Dream Moods A-Z Dream Dictionary

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There are currently 86 dreams in this directory beginning with the letter C.

A cab is a form of transportation meaning how you navigate around in your life. If you where driving shows that you are in more control as if someone was driving you. If you call for an Uber in your dreams suggest a need for others to help you get around. The condition of the road and the cab shows you if the journey will be pleasant or not. If the cab driver crashes donates that the plans will come to a stop or a problem with future plans.

When ever we dream of cages it has everything to do with being trapped in your walking life. These dreams act as a metaphor to bring to your attention feeling of being stuck, restricted and independence. A cage underwater represents trapped emotions. If you noticed a feline in a cage it shows you the feminine need to be embraced. If you noticed a dog that suggest your instincts are being repressed. If you noticed the cage empty and the door open is a positive symbol for being let out of a stuck situation in your life. Dreams about cage fighting implies conflicting ideas or beliefs within the person.

In our life’s camera play a big role in capturing the past. Cameras of symbols of trying to remember past events. A speed camera informs the dreamer a need to slow down on your current path before you will get stopped. A broken camera suggests something is broken as you try to capture or retain something in your life. Surveillance cameras shows you are being watched by a higher authority – fears of making mistakes relating to work, relationships and parents.

To dream that you are diagnosed with cancer represents your internal factors in your life. These dreams are metaphoric to things that are eating away inside you. You need to find out what causing you to feel this way and nip it in the bud before it spreads. Often times we dream about breast cancer or being diagnosed or tumors; these are common dreams that are made to shake you up. Something internal needs examining and it might be unconscious to the dreamer.

This dream symbol is very positive that imply intellect and hidden talents. These powerful dreams symbolizes the light and darkness of life. Connecting to the individual illumination of the spirit of truth. Lit in times of death, they signify the light in the next world, and they represent Christ as the light, removing darkness. Blowing out the candle suggests ending of something that was once bringing you light. Getting burned by a candle might be related to feelings of religion.

Candy Apple
To see or eat a candy apple in your dream is a reminder that you can have too much of a good thing. You need to show restraint in some area of your life.

To see or use a cane in your dream suggests that you are in need of some support and advice. The cane may also represent someone you trust and can rely on.

To dream that you are being caned indicates that you are being forced into submission or obedience. Someone is trying make an example of you. Alternatively, the dream symbolizes self-guilt.

To dream that you are caning someone signifies pent up aggression. Pay attention at who you are caning. You may harbor some ill feeling or anger toward this person. This person could also represent an aspect of your own self.

To dream of cannabis denotes a loss of control. You are trying desperately to escape. The dream may also be a reflection of waking drug use.

Canned Food
To see or eat canned food in your dream implies that you are keeping your emotions bottled up inside. You feel that it is not the appropriate time to express your true desires.

To see cannibalism in your dream symbolizes a destructive and forbidden desire or obsession. Metaphorically, cannibals consume people's lives, along with their energy. Thus, this dream may then denote an aspect of your life (career, relationship, children, etc ), which is consistently draining your enthusiasm and vitality.

To dream that you are a victim of cannibalism represents feelings of being "eating alive" by work, a relationship or a situation in your waking life.

It’s round shape with seeds tells the dreamer about new growth, fertility and inner transformation. If the fruit is being digested it suggests you might be undergoing this process at the moment.

Dreams of cars represents our drive in life and the direction that we are going in. Driving a car could either be a good or bad symbol depending the context of your dream. Car crashes are so common as it reflects a halt or stop of movement within the dreamers life. Cars that are either stolen or towed represents setbacks and delays in life. New cars emerge when new more powerful ideas, behaviors or relationships take off.

Life is like a game of cards. The hand you are dealt is determinism; the way you play it is free will. It doesn’t matter what cards you’re dealt. It’s what you do with those cards. The hands you notice in your dream could be a metaphor for what is going on in your life at the moment. Dreaming of a royal flush suggest you will be receiving good luck in the future (numbers). Playing cards suggests your competitive nature and takin a chance to gain something. Tarot cards represent things that will come true in the future.

Dreaming about rugs are positive dreams that imply royalty and comfort. The price of carpets are quite expensive and how the color and design looks puts emphasis on the beauty; an mirror image of your happiness. These dreams can also be a play on words for something you my be shoving under the carpet. Flying on a carpet are lucid dreams for hopes and dreams will come true. A wet carpet is a negative symbol of absorbing emotions that need to be fixed.

Casinos in your dream appear when you might be taking a chance or risk at something in your life. These dreams can be positive omens when the dreamer has won money or the jackpot. Dreaming of a slot machine becomes symbolic because of the coins – a symbol of wholeness and completion. Perhaps you have taken a chance that will benefit you in the future.

Symbols of death are good omens that rid the old and in with the new. There is a change coming in your life (rebirth) as something gets buried. It could also imply the womb or to get closer to mother earth. A need to be grounded in your life connects to the root chakra. If you notice someone else in the casket suggests there will be a positive change with that person.

Castles show up in our dreams related to our security or insecurity depending on how it looks. It is a structure built by our own defence mechanisms and how we may defend ourselves from others.

Castration happens in our dream when you are feeling a loss of control or inner strength in your life. This loss of power has made you close off unconscious aspects of yourself – repressing emotions relating to a specific matter.

Cats are very powerful dream yet common symbols that connect us to the dreamers feminine nature. A powerful omen relating to creativity, power, intuition and sexuality. The ancient Egyptians connected cats with the Gods. In modern times superstitions like crossing a black cat can also appear in our dreams like a metaphor for danger, though it can be the dreamers own shadow archetype. If you are being attacked by a cat might imply catty nature or an unconscious emotional attack that connects to the feminine part of the dreamer. Dreaming of a kitten suggests purity and innocence. A lions and tigers are powerful symbols of the unconscious feminine and masculine traits.

The stage before undergoing a major shift or transformation in your life. The are positive dream symbols until they attack. Hairy caterpillars symbolize new growth.

Caves or caverns in our dream represent the symbol of protection, a type of passage way, or the connection to the womb. A powerful symbol that connects to the unconscious mind and the heart – a place where treasures are found but also resides the dragon and spirits.

Your primitive side that is not fully understood. Repressed urges and instincts are mirrored thought the caveman. See caves for more information.

Dreaming of taking CBD brings your focus to your mind body and soul. It could be an indication to become a more relaxed person, or possibly to target areas in your life where there is pain.

Ceilings are symbols of protection and barriers we create in our minds. Though most ceiling dreams show water leaking, cracked or damaged. These dreams represents an emotional instability of a part of your mind that need to be fixed or else it will collapse. Ceilings that either fall or break down show an past issues that has reached a breaking point due to a lack of attention.

Dreaming of celebrities are common dreams that help you find out about yourself a bit more. The qualities and attributes the famous person displayed is often a projection, something that is unconscious to you. However the meaning can change one you developed a friendship, or even in a romantic relationship.

Cell Phone
Using a cell phone in our dreams are very common now that are used as a symbol of communication. Having difficulty trying to dial someone is a common dream suggesting issues communication on a emotional level. Trying to call the police suggest a need to get help in the situation you are currently in. A cracked cell phone relates to annoyances and breaks of things close to us. The person you are speaking to holds many clues if you remember the conversation.

Cemetery dreams are usually a good symbols that show us life and death in our lives. In with the new and out with the old; a rebirth of parts of your personality. These dreams help remind us that the old is now burred and its time to move forward. If someone who has passed away recently you may encounter these dreams as a grieving process.

Connecting to the shadow archetype it is a dangerous creature if bitten. They appear to dwell in dark places, this is where the negative unconscious aspects hide. They have the ability to move quick and as they have many legs. Moving quickly with many legs could also be a metaphor relating to your life at the moment.

Depending on the cereal you are eating could be a play on words. Possibly a metaphor for serial the act of repetition. Eating cereal in your dream suggest you will get an quick energy boost in your life.

When we dream of a chair in our dream symbolizes our need to take it easy. You need to take a break from you busy schedule and rest. You are working yourself to the bone and this dream is your unconscious tell you to calm down. A broken or damaged chair might relate to weight problems or being overworked. An electric chair represents being punished for doing something wrong.

These are circular vortexes of energy that are placed in seven different points on the spinal column, and all the seven chakras are connected to the various organs and glands within the body. If you noticed any of the seven chakras being damaged suggests disturbance of your life vital energy.

What is on the board and why are you using it? Could this be a dream symbol of your childhood classroom experiences that you are repressing?

Chase Dreams
Chase dreams are metaphoric for running away or not facing something our lives. These repressed fears or ignored feelings manifest as masked men, animals, monsters, devils, killers just to get our attention. Recurring chase dreams occur when the dreamer has ignored this problem for too long, a warning from the unconscious to face your fears before it overpowers you.

People who experience dreams cheating on their significant other seems tobe quite common. The theme usually revolves around the dreamer either kissing, foreplay or sexual. Cheating in dreams might happened for many reasons, usually related too repressed desires, a dishonest past , our connects to the dreamers own inner masculine (anima) and feminine (animus).

Check or Cheque
Any type of dreams with a check might be a metaphor to check something that you might be overlooking. Who was around you when you had or saw the check? Dreaming of a blank check suggests unlimited resources and options in your life. Receiving a check is a positive symbol representing energy and rewards for your work.

Could be a play on words for ‘cheating’ or being dishonest. If not, these dreams shows you the ability of agility and speed that you display. It could also be connected to the feminine and swiftness. They connect the dreamer to the feline or instincts that might be unconscious to the dreamer.

How is the game being played? Are you winning or losing? To see a chess board could be how you should be moving in life. Moving in live is similar to playing chess you have to think 10 steps ahead of people.

Children in dreams often connect to our own inner child that is trapped within the dreamer. Common dreams include possessions, hurt, drowning, kidnapped and shot. The child needs you to rescue him or her as your inner growth has been stunted due to a traumatic past. Once you find and rescue the child your life will become more fulfilling.

Childhood home
Your childhood home, for the most part is a symbol of safety and love. Of course this depends on the upbringing you had, but for most of us it’s where we most feel comfortable and safe growing up. To dream about it might suggest you’re feeling a little scared or shaken, and you just want to go back to what’s comfortable.

Childhood Home
A symbol of heading back to the past were something remains unconscious to you. Could this be a repressed memory or a traumatic experience that has shaped the present moment? Inside the old home in your dream tells you a story that contains elements of old forgotten memories, hidden secrets, and repressed emotions.

Do you have childlike behaviors? Do you need to take a break from being an adult and start to go back to a more playful enjoyable life? A need to embrace you childlike behaviour.

If the house is a representation of your psyche then a chimney would be a release of something burning, something hot.

This wild ape is found in the jungles linking you to your primitive behaviors and instincts you might not be aware of. A rare animal to encounter but contains a very powerful message that connects to your primitive side.

These are very positive dream symbols that suggest internal richness. Depending your diet it could suggest to watch what you eat. A chocolate cake suggests gifts and rewards are coming your way.

Choking dreams become metaphoric relating to things that are blocked within. The throat chakra connects the mind and body showing an internal blockage relating to a situation. The throat is known to represent expression and communication of the dreamer. Trying to pull stuff out of your throat represents stuck communication or an inability to get something out of you. If you are choking someone in your dream suggests frustration with that person. Noticing a baby choking represents issues relating to new growth or transitions in your life. A choking cat or dog relates to a restriction of your masculine or feminine instincts and urges.

Christmas Tree
This dream would imply family celebrations, gatherings, and relationships. The tree is a very ancient custom that becomes a sign of undying life, and it reminds Christians of the “tree of life” of Genesis 2:9, an image of Christ, the supreme gift of God to humanity.

Churches relates to your own personal belief system. According to dream psychologist Carl Jung he connected the church with religious the collective unconsciousness- a way we collective want to find inner peace. A dream that makes you question God or feelings towards your religion if you had a negative experience inside.

Do you need a break in life or you have an addiction that you need to kick the habit? Dreams of cigarettes after quitting represents your battle with your own cravings and desires. Cigarette burns symbolize harmful or toxic anger directed towards you. Selling cigarettes suggests you are giving away something that is harmful to others. Old cigarettes represent the past you that used to be toxic. Eating cigarettes implies absorbing toxic behaviors from others.

This is a positive dream symbol that suggest wholeness, completeness and possibly immortality (egg). According to Jung he said that it was the path of completion into yourself or could be a representation of the sun. Depending the context if you are going around in circles its quite self explanatory about your life style. The circle is known to morph in many different images in our dreams, a profound symbol that connects you towards perfection.

They show up to remind you of something important in your life, they are a part of you and who you used to be in the past. Maybe you admire who they where at what they became. However classmates may even show up to teach you something you forgot about in your past.

Many people have recurring dreams of doing test or exams that relates to achieving or falling behind in life. Classrooms represent learning, forgotten memories, personal growth, or resolving problems within. When it is empty it suggests trying to find knowledge that will fulfil you. Sitting in class donates learning new things or remembering what you may have forgotten in the past. Sweeping suggests you are cleaning up what you have learned. Hiding suggests ignorance and refusing to learn something new.

Cleaning in dreams is a positive symbol that represents renewal and new beginnings. Cleaning a house connects with the mind or psyche of the dreamer, cleaning up the clutter in your mind. Cleaning a toilet bridges the dreamers root chakra, removing toxic behaviors or past memories. A car being cleaned represent a new fresh drive in your life. Cleaning baby poop represents a release and growth of something new within.

Depending of the context of your dream the meaning of a cliff can drastically change. If you are looking over a cliff and it is positive then it suggests personal achievements that you have over come. If you are hanging off a cliff that suggests that you might not be totally secure in your life or a lack of control.

This dream relates to your current life’s movements. You might be going through a tough time depending on what you are climbing. If you are enjoying it or struggling determines how fast you will make it through. Often time we are climbing a mountain that suggest personal advancement and struggles.

Climbing a mountain
Mountains have always been associated with challenge or obstacle to overcome. It’s actually a cliche and used commonly as an expression.. ‘this challenge is hard, you’ve got a mountain to climb’. So to dream about a mountain is usually just your brain internalising a challenge.The challenge could either be something yo’ve faced or something that’s coming. If you’re dreaming about not being ABLE to climb the mountain, it shows that you’re not feeling confident about the change or challenge that’s coming.

Dreaming of a clock or watch translates to time or duration. How much understanding the dreamer of the passing of time in life. The clock ticking might be linking to how much time we have with something or someone. A watch could be connecting us to watch something we might be missing out on. Dreaming of an alarm clock is a warning or a reminder to be alert in the morning hours.

A interesting dream symbols that give us clues to what we might have stored away or hiding within. The house is a representation of our psyche and each room and floor signify something different. However, the contexts in the closet is what is important to the dreamer. What do you want to come out that might be hidden? Fears of being exposed or talents?

Clothes in dreams represent the identify and image of the dreamer. How you identify or want to be perceived by others in your walking life. Clothes are symbolic implying protection and coving up something – a fear of not wanting to be exposed. Depending the clothes and how you feel will alter the meaning of your dream.

A dream about clothing usually relates to how you want to project yourself to the world. Our clothes are very much a statement and our way of saying ‘this is who I am’. So for those who choose to wear bold bright colors they’re saying something different to the person wearing a bland grey shirt. By wearing DIFFERENT clothes in waking life than you do in your dream, you’re basically not projecting your true personality into the world. For example if you’re always wearing really brightly coloured clothes in your dream, but in waking life you don’t, it’s like your brain wants you to express yourself more and be more confident.

Clouds are dream symbols that connect the dreamer with their moods. It changes shape regularly similar to your thoughts. Often times with profound dreams or visions Gods dwell in the clouds looking down at you.

Clowns are often seen as symbols of fear or repressed emotions that are repressed within the dreamer. A symbol to laugh and not take things seriously in life.

Cobras can come as warnings or symbols of a major transformation in your life. They provide protection as seen behind the Buddha or in ancient Egypt for higher consciousness. An attack shows the dreamer of enemies or unconscious attacks relating to their instincts, urges and behaviors.

The cockroach is often considered the negative and repressed parts of ourselves. Just how they live and dwell is metaphoric to what needs to be addressed in your life. Killing them in a dream is a positive symbol suggesting that you will tackle this issue.

Colors hold different meanings depending the context, location and feeling in your dream. Colors carry very powerful messages that is why some colors stand out more than others. They can connect to our feelings, moods, power and harmony as we move about in this life.

Red implies excitement, energy, passion, love, desire, speed, strength, power, heat, aggression, danger, fire, blood, war, violence.
Pink symbolizes love and romance, caring, tenderness, acceptance and calm wanting to love.
Yellow represents joy, happiness, betrayal sunshine, summer, dishonesty, cowardice, jealousy.
Blue might suggest Peace, tranquility, cold, calm, stability, harmony and unity in dreams.
Green represents envy and lust.
Gray brings your attention to the mood you might be feeling in your walking life.
Black represents strength, power, sexuality, sophistication, formality, elegance, wealth, mystery.
Coma You might be dreaming in life while it passes you by. You need to wake up and come back to earth so you can start getting your life back on track.

Committing a crime
Firstly, this doesn’t mean you’re on your way to becoming a scary or dangerous criminal. It just means your brain wants to experience it. It’s like a way of your brain processing ideas and thoughts. Sometimes we dream about things we’re curious about as well, and so you might have a really calm person dreaming about murdering someone just because they’re stressed or they want to know what it’s like.

If you are a conductor it brings your attention to being in control of your self, path, and destiny. A clear vision of the next stage in your life.

Depending you cook would be a metaphor relating to the theme of your dream. Commonly we are cooking symbol like fish that brings our attention to spiritual or emotional part of the dreamer.

Dreaming of police brings our attention to authority or protection. They most often to appear to be symbols of immaturity, father figures, guides or accounting for your bad actions.

To see or wear a corsage in your dream suggests that an aspect of yourself is looking to be acknowledged and recognized. Alternatively, it is a symbol of honor.

Why are you in court and do you feel guilty or innocent? Do you feel that you might have to stand trial with somebody you know in your life? If you are sent to prison than that means the future might be restrictive to you. Do you feel that you are being judged by yourself or other people?

It is not uncommon to dream of tornadoes or any sort of natural disaster when their is an outbreak. Virus in dreams bring your attention to fears associated with contracting or giving to others.

When cows emerge in your dreams they bring you closer to the feminine divine energy. This powerful symbol has the ability to protect, provide and destruct. How the cow appears in your dream tells you the motive behind the symbol. Females tend to dream this symbol more than men. They connect you to the creative and emotions.

Crabs are known for being deep under the depths of the water that might be linked to your emotional state of mind. Maybe something is crabby or snappy that is now conscious. The crab can move both on land and in the water. It has the ability to bury itself in sand and holes. When the crab appears you might want to watch your mood and see if there might be a direct link. If you are catching a crab suggests being aware of other peoples hidden crabby behaviour. You are confident with your movements.

Crashing in your dream might suggest that you might come to a sudden stop in your life that may cause some disturbance. What did you crash into and who where you with? If you where in your car when you crashed than that could imply a stop in your current drive in life. Usually when you crash you are in a car. The car is a symbol of your life path and journey. A crash might signify a need for you to slow down and change direction (plane, car, train).

They are know for noise and brings your awareness to the nocturnal; spiritual guidance. However in an abundance they can pose a threat against you.

Crocodiles appear in our dreams as warnings or emotional attacks on the dreamer. These cold blooded creatures might also be representations of cold blooded people that pray on your emotions, watching your every move as they remain still. When attacked they may also relate to our hidden danger, fears, anxiety or malicious people that appear just below the surface.

Crosses (Christian)
Usually you only dream about a cross if you’re very much in the world that recognises them. The cross is traditionally a Christian symbol meaning the death and rebirth of Christ. This means for the most part, only religious people will dream about crosses, because they see them every day as they look through their church, bible etc. In other parts of the world however, this can mean different things so it’s worth doing a bit of research to find out what this means for you. If you’re not a Christian and you keep dreaming about crosses, it could mean something different. For some parts of the world, it can mean trouble or dangerous times ahead.

This dream symbol might imply your feelings in life, you might be at a crossroad and not sure what way to go. This symbol is self explanatory but depending the content it can help you understand where you might be in your life right now. Where did you end up going?

Crows represent the dreamers intelligence that can be used to their advantage. A symbol that remains unconscious to them, it belongs to the part of the shadow – behaviors that are know to be troublesome. In modern terms what we call a “troll” has been known in mythology as the trickster. A symbol connected with crows with death and rebirth. Depending the context of the dream the crows can be both negative or positive. The Greeks thought they brought good luck when they show up.

These romantic dreams are more than what you think, in fact it might connect to something much deeper within. A possible soulmate, unconscious desire, or merging of your own unconscious energies.

You might be releasing some emotions that you are incapable of releasing in your walking life. These are good dreams that usually has the dreamer waking up feeling good. If you have unconscious emotions that are pent up sometimes it get released in our dreams because we are unable to do in our walking life.

Crying dreams are often an outlet for repressed emotions and feelings. Often when we dream about crying it’s just our bodies way of letting out some emotions. Not everyone cries (or even CAN cry) in waking life, and so dreams are sometimes a way to release emotions and feelings that have been bottled up.

Cuddling in dreams is a positive symbol that represents desires, affection, protection, and happiness between these two people. These powerful dreams are known to have unconscious feeling’s and emotions at play.

Joining a cult is often a reflection of a particular social group that is has influenced your behaviour. The cult becomes a metaphor for something in your life that you follow that might be unorthodox. The cult leader is someone who has the power over your thoughts, ideas and movements. A symbol to examine what things that control you.

Who and what are you cutting. This could imply you may want to move away from that person or situation.

There might be a part of you that is been on you for a while and need to get it taken away. What happened in the dream? If the cyst came off it is a good symbol but if you found it then it suggests you need to deal with an issue that is building up for a while.

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