Dream Themes – Numbers

To see certain numbers in your dream provide encouragement (or discouragement) in an area of your waking life. Numbers reflect how or where you stand in some area of your waking life. Sometimes numbers may not appear directly and can be presented in the number of characters, number of objects, or an action that is repeated a certain number of times. 

Also worth noting is that odd numbers are considered more aggressive then even numbers, while even numbers are considered to be more tranquil.

In general, you want to stick with the basic numbers (1 through 9) when trying to decipher the meaning of multiple digit numbers. For example, the number “1965” could mean the year 1965. But you can also add up the digits until you get a single digit number. Thus 1965 –> 1+9+6+5 = 21 –> 2+1 = 3.  

0 – Zero

Zero symbolizes nothingness and emptiness. You are experiencing a void in your life. The symbol may also share the same significance as a circle and thus denotes infinity, eternity, completeness, absolute freedom and holiness. Alternatively, the dream forewarns that you are going around in circles and headed nowhere. Perhaps your actions have been counterproductive. It also represents timelessness and the super-conscious.   

1 – One

One stands for individuality, autonomy, leadership, originality, confidence and the ego. To be number one means that you are a winner and the best. Alternatively, one signifies solitude or loneliness. It also stands for a higher spiritual force.   

2 – Two

Two stands for balance, diversity, partnership, marriage cooperation, soul, or receptivity. It can also symbolize double weakness or double strength. The world is seen as being made up of dualities and opposites, as in the male and female, mother and father, light and dark, heaven and hell, yin and yang, etc.   

3 – Three

Three signifies life, vitality, inner strength, completion, imagination, creativity, energy, self-exploration and experience. Three stands for a trilogy, as in the past, present, and future or father, mother, and child or body, mind, and soul, etc.  Dream of the number three may be telling you that the third time is the charm.  

4 – Four

Four denotes stability, physical limitations, hard labor and earthly things, as in the four corners of the earth or the four elements (earth, wind, fire and water). It also stands for materialistic matters and how you get things done. Alternatively, the dream may be a pun on being “for” a position. In Asian cultures, the number four is a metaphor for death. 

5 – Five

Five represents your persuasiveness, spontaneity, boldness, daring nature, action, and humanity. The number five represents the five human senses and thus may be telling you to be more “sensitive” and be more in tune to your senses. Alternatively, the  number five may reflect a change in your path or that you need to alter your course. It is also the link between heaven and earth.  

6 – Six

Six is indicative of cooperation, balance, tranquility, perfection, warmth, union, marriage, family, and love. Your mental, emotional, and spiritual states are in harmony. It is also indicative of domestic bliss.   

7 – Seven

Seven signifies mental perfection, healing, completion, music and attainment of high spirituality. The number seven may also refer to the seven deadly sins, the seven days of the week, or seven chakras. Alternatively, the number seven indicates uniqueness and eccentricity.   

8 – Eight

Eight stands for power, authority, success, karma, material gains, regeneration, and wealth. When the number eight appears in your dream, trust your instincts and intuition. Alternatively, the number eight may be a pun on “ate”. Perhaps there is some information that you need to digest.  

9 – Nine

Nine denotes completion, closure, rebirth, inspiration, and reformation. You are on a productive path, seeking to improve the world. The number nine also symbolizes longevity.  

10 – Ten 

Ten corresponds to closure, great strength, and gains. It also refers to  the law or to the ten commandments.   

11 – Eleven 

Eleven stands for intuition, mastery in a particular domain, spirituality, enlightenment, and capacity to achieve.  It is symbolic of your creativity and your vision. Since the number 11 is represented by two parallel lines, then it may represent two individuals or a partnership. If you turn the 11 on its side, then it symbolizes the equal sign. Perhaps you are looking for some balance and equality.  

12 – Twelve

Twelve denotes spiritual strength and divine perfection. It also represents cycles and repetition. 

13 – Thirteen

Thirteen is a paradoxical number which means death and birth, end and beginning, and change and transition. It is symbolic of obstacles that are standing on your way and that you must be overcome. You must persevere and work hard and persevere in order to succeed and reach your goals.  To many, the number thirteen represents bad luck.  

14 – Fourteen

The number fourteen signifies the unexpected and your need to adapt to ever-changing circumstances. It is also symbolic of overindulgence and how you are giving too much into your desires. You need to show more restraint and maintain focus on your goals.   

15 – Fifteen

Fifteen represents a dissolution of difficult conditions. Your problems will soon disappear.  

16 – Sixteen

Sixteen symbolizes innocence, naiveté, vulnerability, and tenderness. It also indicates some spiritual cleansing and destruction of the old and birth of the new. Alternatively, the dream may represents a coming of age for you. Consider the significance of “sweet sixteen”.  

17 – Seventeen

Seventeen symbolizes soul.   

18 – Eighteen

Eighteen symbolizes the conflict between materialism and spirituality. It also warns of treachery, deception, lies, and selfishness. Alternatively, being eighteen means your gateway to adulthood and the responsibilities that go along with it.    

19 – Nineteen

Nineteen indicates independence and the overcoming of personal struggles. You will find that you often have to stand up for yourself. This number also suggests your stubbornness and you hesitance in accepting help from others.   

20 – Twenty

The number twenty indicates that you are in need of support. Perhaps you are feeling withdrawn and isolated. The dream may signify having 20:20 vision. You are seeing something more clearly now. 

21 – Twenty-One

The number twenty-one represents a turning point in your life and your full transition into adulthood. It is also associated with the responsibilities that you need to own up to. Alternatively, twenty-one suggests that you will be lucky at a game of blackjack.  

22 – Twenty-Two

Twenty-Two denotes your mental capacity and knowledge. It also indicates that you need to be more goal-oriented and practical.   

23 – Twenty-Three 

The number twenty-three implies that you are a people pleaser. It also indicates that you have lofty and/or unrealistic goals. You may be too idealistic in your beliefs and thinking.   

24 – Twenty-Four

The number twenty-four symbolizes rewards, happiness, love, money, success and creativity. It also refers to your associations with people of high position and power. The number may be telling you that you are being too arrogant in love or in success. Alternatively, the number twenty-four may imply time, as in 24 hours or all day.    

25 – Twenty-Five

To see the number twenty-five in your dream indicates that it is time to move on from a problem or issue. You need to s dwelling on things.  

26 – Twenty-Six 

Twenty-Six symbolizes the earth and karma.   

27 – Twenty-Seven 

Seeing the number twenty-seven in your dream refers to unconditional love and commitment.  You give all you can to help others.    

28 – Twenty-Eight 

Twenty-Eight signifies easy money. It may also share the same significance as the number 10.   

29 – Twenty-Nine

If the number twenty-nine appears in your dream, then it involves your relationships and working together as a team. You need to trust and depend on each other.   

30 – Thirty 

The number thirty implies superficiality. You or someone is not being genuine with their feelings.   

32 – Thirty-Two

The number thirty-two implies that you are emotionally numb.   

33 – Thirty-Three

Thirty-Three represents high potential and spiritual awareness.   

34 – Thirty-Four

The number thirty-four refers to your perseverance and intellect. You have learned from your past mistakes and experiences. 

35 – Thirty-Five 

Dreaming about the number thirty-five means you are set in your ways. It can also refer to a lack of harmony in your waking life.  

36 – Thirty-Six

The number thirty-six refers to you inhibitions. 

39 – Thirty-Nine

The number thirty-nine, symbolizes understanding, thoughtfulness, meditation, and mental superiority.  

40 – Forty

Forty denotes that time is on your side. It is a period of cleansing, preparation and growth.   

42 – Forty-Two

Forty-two relates to the attraction of opposites.   

43 – Forty-Three

The number 43 represents your need to do things in a certain way and by a certain time. You like to follow the rules.   

44 – Forty-Four

Forty-four refers to a sacred union or divine marriage.   

49 – Forty-Nine

Forty-nine signifies reality. It is time to face the truth.   

50 – Fifty

Fifty stands for all that is holy. It also represents joy and celebration. Alternatively, the dream represents your fair share of something, as in 50:50.  

60 – Sixty

This number is associated with time. It may refer to time running out or longevity. 

70 – Seventy

Seventy signifies completeness and perfection. You are enjoying life.  

76 – Seventy-Six

Dreaming about the number 76 suggests that your ideas or plans will come to fruition. Your hard work and dedication will pay off. This number is also symbolic of your spirituality.   

80 – Eighty 

The number eighty in your dream points to success and realization of your goals. You are moving ahead in life.  

99 – Ninety-Nine

The number ninety-nine implies that there is some misunderstanding in your personal relationship.   

100 – One-Hundred

One-hundred implies perfection as in 100%. Appearance of this number in your dream also means that you need to give it your all in whatever you do.   


To see the number 106 in your dream symbolizes perfection, wholeness and unity. It may also carry the same significance as the number 7. Consider also other associations with the number 106 in you life. Perhaps it could be a radio station frequency or an address.  


Seeing the number 111 in your dream points to your motivation, independence, strength and successes. You are also a source of inspiration for others. The dream also indicates that you are quickly realizing your goals.  


If the number 333 appears in your dream, then it means that you are looking for guidance. You have lost your way and need help to get back on the right track.  


Dreaming of the number 555 indicates that you are undergoing a major transformation and making a life changing decision.  


To see or hear the number 608 in you dreams indicates that you are moving on the right path in your life.  The number serves as reaffirmation that you are making the correct decision when it comes to your personal and/or work life.  


To see the digits 666 in your dream represents the devil and all things evil. Its appearance in your dream may point to some illicit activity or some wrong doing.  


To see the number 777 in your dream symbolizes luck and perfection. Things are going in your favor. Alternatively, it is referred to as the number of God. You will overcome evil.   


The appearance of this number in your dream, symbolizes an emergency. You need not be afraid to ask for help. There is an important lesson to be learned from in your dream. 

To dream that you call 911 and no one answers or that you are put on hold suggests that you are being taken for granted by some authority figure in your life. Alternatively, the dream is like a wake up call where something you didn’t think was important or urgent actually requires your immediate attention.  


When you see the numbers 1046 in you dream, it indicates that you are looking for guidance toward the correct path.  


If the digits 1047 appear in your dream, then it means that you are experiencing a setback or obstacle toward your goals. The dream is also telling you to find a new approach.


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