Dreaming while pregnant: first trimester dreams

First Trimester Pregnancy Dreams

It is natural to worry about giving birth and being a good mother, especially if you are a first time mother. At the moment that you find out you are pregnant, you are excited and scared at the same time. These emotions can also cause you to have dreams that showcase these very same emotions.

Giving Birth to A Grown Child or An Adult

Many pregnant women report dreams where they gave birth to a talking, walking toddler or a full grown adult. One explanation for such a dream is that you are doubting your ability to care for a tiny newborn baby. This little life is going to be your responsibility. Thus dreaming of giving birth to an older child or adult seems less intimidating to handle. A second explanation is that you are envisioning your baby growing up and doing things. You already have hopes and dreams for her or him. If you are going back to work after the pregnancy, then this dream may also reflect how time is passing you by and how you will be missing out on a huge chunk of your baby’s life.

Water-Themed Dreams

Dreams of swimming, floating, drowning, being drenched in rain or being surrounded by water is common for pregnant women and actually occurs throughout the trimesters, although the forms may change. Your water dream may be in analogous to the amniotic fluid filling in your womb. It is common to find yourself swimming in a pool or going down a water slide in your first-trimester dreams. This may reflect your desires to connect with your baby, who is suspended in liquid.

Fertility-Related Symbols

Another common dream theme in the first trimester is seeing a lot of fruit, flowers, and baby animals in your dreams. These are fertility symbols and represent your pregnant state. Water-dwelling creatures, like fish are also present in many pregnant women’s dreams.

Going On A Journey

Pregnancy is like a journey in itself. And so dreams where you are driving or going on a trip or driving are quite common. Often times, the trip was unplanned or unexpected, something happens to the luggage, you miss your flight, you get into a car accident, you get a speeding ticket, or you end up at another destination. This parallels your apprehension with the pregnancy and not knowing how things will go along the way. Dreams of going on a journey actually occur throughout your entire pregnancy journey.

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