Jackhammer John by Woody Guthrie

Jackhammer John music and lyrics were published in 1946 in Guthrie’s song book, offered in the public domain.
An illustration for the story Jackhammer John by the author Woody Guthrie
Woody Guthrie Songbook, 1946
I’m Jackhammer John
A jackhammer man
Born with a jackhammer
In my hand
Lord Lord I got them
Jackhammer Blues.

Jackhammer man
From a jackhammer town
Built every port
From the North Pole down
Lord God, I got them
Jackhammer blues.

Hammered in the rain
Hammered in the dust
Hammered in the best
And I hammered in the worst
Hammered in the east
Hammered in the west
Hammered to the one
That I like best
Hey, hey, hey
I got them jackhammer blues.

Hammered under water
Hammered under rock
Hammer on the railroad
Hammer on the docks
Yes, yes, yes
I got them jackhammer blues.

Hammer in the mill
Hammer in the mine
Hammered outta jail a hundred time
Great Good God
I got them jackhammer blues.

Jackhammer hackhammer
Where you been
Been outta chasin them gals again
Ho, ho, ho
Well I got them jackhammer blues.

See my woman
When the sun goes down
Grab my hammer
And go to town
Yes folks
I got them jackhammer blues.

Made every state in the
Red white and blue
Looking for a jackhammer job to do
Ride easy
I got them jackhammer blues.

Got a jackhammer woman
Just sweet as pie
Hammer on the hammer
Till the day I die
Lord God have mercy
I got them jackhammer blues.


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