Strength in Weakness – Psychological Approach

Ease does not arouse developmental potential, unlike difficulties. Therefore, it can be argued that a person’s weaknesses push him to the growth and development of internal qualities. In addition, a person’s weaknesses motivate him to adapt to flexibility.

If we take the example of two people: fearless and fearful, then the courage of their actions awakens to be measured relative to the quality of resistance. That is, if a person has a phobia of water, then for him buckles in the deep sea will become the highest difficulty. What can not be said about a fearless person who is not at all afraid of water. A person’s courage is read through the forces of obstacles, not lightness. Throwing both into the water, the one who was afraid of water will be brave. Because he went through his fear. After all, we do not know what another player who was not afraid of water would have done, being afraid of it.Working through barriers and the ability to go through resistance gives us the strength through which we expand ourselves.


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