These 9 Men’s Fashion Trends Are Disturbingly Bizarre

Remember when men didn’t care about fashion? Those were the days. Ever since men have reached the point where fashion was also deemed important to them, it’s gotten worse and worse with the “innovative” fashion designs.
I’m not saying every man should wear a pair of blue jeans and a single-color shirt, but we had a system that worked perfectly for everyone involved. It wasn’t a problem until we turned it into one. And when we turned it into a problem, we had to fix it by creating new, unique, weird stuff. Let’s take a look at some freakishly bizarre fashion trends for men in the year of the Lord 2017.

While it might look fun to have a weird costume that is called an “opposuit” to give it a weird name, at the end of the day you’re just a tool with a weird costume. That’s all there is to it.

As weird as it may be, it was actually funded on Kickstarter (and it got quite a haul on it, too!) I have no idea why it exists, why it’s popular or why I should be ashamed for not caring a single bit about it, but it’s something that’s making a huge wave in the male fashion scene.

Square Toe Shoes
Men are pretty simple creatures. I don’t have square toes, so I shouldn’t be wearing square toe shoes. Those aren’t the shoes for me, since I don’t have square toes. It works out perfectly. But apparently the fashion industry determined otherwise.

Bangs for men sound like a weird thing, and they actually are. But Jared Leto did it, so it’s instantly something fashionable.

I remember this being a thing in the naughties (that’s what they call the 2000-years) for a year or two, but apparently they’re back in full force now. Men wear chokers again. Why? I have no idea.

Alt-Beauty Models
Since beauty is in the eye of the beholder, the concept of “alt-beauty” translates to nothing more than “something someone else finds attractive but I don’t”. Yet some people in the fashion industry get to decide that their idea of beauty is more important. And now, the fashion industry has decided that the people they don’t find attractive can also be models. Hence “alt-beauty”.

Oversized Sleeves
And I’m not talking “slightly too big” sleeves. I’m talking “old wizard that lives in a cabin” sleeves.

Crop Tops
Yup, this is a thing for men now. I don’t even know what to say.

Lace Separates
They’re see-through pajamas. For men. It’s weird. And not in a good way, either.



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