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These Wall Paintings Look Amazingly Realistic

I’ll admit, whenever I hear “wall painting”, I think “colorful letters spray painted on a wall”. It’s more of a vandalism thing to me than it is a form of art. Thankfully, one guy has managed to change my opinion on that matter.

The Brooklyn-based artist David Kassan paints with such a high level of detail, that his paintings look more like pictures. Every pore, cell and wrinkle is painted to great detail and meticulously added. I’m pretty sure I can’t even paint a proper stick man, so David’s work is nothing short of awe-inspiring.

David is one of those rare artists that has achieved the perfect mix of technique, talent and practice. He uses oil on wooden panels to paint his portraits. Be sure to check out more of his work on his website, He also does amazingly realistic drawings and information on his instructional workshops, painting gear and anything you may or may not want to know about this guy.

Next time you’re thinking of dropping college and doing one of those artsy things, remember how utterly talented David is, and I’m pretty sure even he struggled to make his career work. It’s good to follow your dreams, but remember that only the most talented will make it. Long story short: get a degree in IT, we’ll always need computers. And don’t make life-impacting decisions based on what some random guy on the internet told you. And don’t forget to pay your taxes. David pays taxes – that’s why he’s successful.



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