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This Immaturity In Your Relationship Is Slowly Killing You

Being in love and loved by the same person is the greatest blessing anyone can have. You know you are in love, when you don’t want anything but ready to give all of yours to that one person you love.

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The feeling of ultimate contentment and happiness makes you more alive. Blushing of cheeks, holding stare, listening to romantic songs, sending morning cute wishes, late night talks, re-reading the chats, the never ending desire of staying together, everything start making sense which you earlier thought as dumb. Yes, we all have gone through this in our lives.

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I have seen many people falling for each other, getting into relationships and then gradually losing interest in the end. People who used to claim themselves as soul mates completely fall out of love.

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An immature relationship can have a huge impact on our well being. It not only disturbs the relations but even our life also. With the busy life routine it is hard to understand where do you need to work. As some are not even aware of the missing links in their relationship.

So, if you see any major issues in your life you should continue reading. It might be a result of an immature behavior of your partner.


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You almost retaliate on every petty issue and make a big fuss out of it. This constant attitude of yours has now become a habit. This has started reflecting with other closely associated people in your life. Like, this could immensely affect your attitude at workplace where you were supposed to work in a team. So, instead of taking accountability of any work you will be more focused on ‘passing the buck‘.


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It has become important for you to surface your comments and debate over them. You often feel a need to be understood and it is not happening in your relationship. Due to this you burst out on others as you start believing that proving your point(so as to be understood) is the main priority for you right now.


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You are now so much dependent on your relationship that you have developed a fear of losing who you consider significant in your life. So, you have a constant desire to keep someone in your life to not feel alone. Because of this you will face low self esteem issues as you will always keep entertaining others to be in your life.


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I find people usually mentioning “no offense” before giving any particular statement. While, in reality they are actually about to say something offensive. This happens because that person is aware that he is offensive while stating such views as he has hurt people in similar situations in the past.

Some of my friends have also faced this type of issue during an emotional breakdown. Actually, the root cause of this problem is when your partner accepts your offensive behavior instead of helping you overcome that. Eventually you start believing that it’s one of your downside and instead of restraining it you deem yourself as an offender.

Today most of the people are victim of such immature behaviors in a relationship.

There is an incessant struggle everyday. You need to understand whether to work on the relationship or take a break and find some other person who can provide a direction to your life.

The fact of life is that beautiful things have dents and scratches too and it all depend on us to understand ourselves first.

So, we can figure out what we are looking forward from our life.



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