Top 15 Pieces of Advice We Wish We Followed When We Were Younger

Life goes by in the blink of an eye. And not merely when you have a near-death experience. It really passes you by without you ever noticing. At least not until it’s a bit too late. You wish you had done some things differently. You wish you could turn back the clock.

FeedFond has collected 15 pieces of valuable life advice from people who would give this to their younger selves.

15 Spend Money On Things That Are Worthy

It’s no use spending money on video games. These games don’t teach you anything. Spend on good reads instead.

14 Listen To What Your Parents Say

Parents really have our best interests at heart. Listen to them while they’re still around. And don’t offend them. It will save you from tons of regret later in life.

13 Break Up Right Now

Don’t be in a toxic relationship. When you sense things aren’t going good, break up immediately. Let go of people that cause you pain and move on.

12 Sleep 7 Hours A Day

Sleeping for a full 7 to 8 hours can refresh your mind and body. Don’t shortchange yourself on sleep.

11 Better Prep For Entrance Exams

You should give it your best shot to get accepted to the best school of your choice, not only where you think you will be easily accepted.

10 Life’s Good!

Don’t stress yourself out and fret over things beyond your control. Life has its ups and downs and nobody hates you!

9 Be Careful About Personal Information

Make your cell phone and laptop or desktop password-protected. Think twice before you create files containing personal info.

8 Wear Good Winter Clothing

Keep yourself warm in winter by wearing warm underwear, two pairs of socks, and a hat.

7 Don’t Start Smoking

Smoking has a long-lasting and negative health impact.

6 Don’t Take Things Too Seriously

Adults are also people and they’re biased. So, whatever they may have to say about others in the family may not be totally objective or true.

5 Pay More Attention to Dreams and Aspirations

Don’t forget to pay attention to what your heart yearns for. Focus on your own wants, needs, and happiness. Set goals and make a plan to achieve what you truly want.

4 Pay Attention To Studies

While you still have age on your side, delve deeper into studies. Once youth is gone, it’s hard to get back to studies. There’s a time for everything.

3 Live Your Youth

You cannot turn back time. So, enjoy playing, taking a walk among nature, going to new places, and making new friends. What you do in your youth will shape your adult life.

2 There’s More In Life Than Only Exams

While it is good to apply yourself in your studies, don’t worry too much about exams and grades. Give it your best, but don’t break your back over it. Try applying for scholarships. Attend workshops and seminars to learn new skills.

1 Live Your Own Life

Your life is yours and yours only. Don’t try to live somebody else’s dreams. Make your own dreams and pursue them. Only when you’re happy can you truly make others happy.

Care to share any advice you’d give to your younger self or your kids? Please use the Comments section below!


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