When you can’t open your eyes in a dream

In our dreams, all kinds of strange things happen to our bodies. Me, I’ve had an invisible arm, strange objects embedded underneath my skin and even had my teeth break into tiny pieces, to the point I was spitting, what seemed like, sand out of my mouth.

When trying to figure out what the strange things that happen to your body in a dream mean, it’s important to remember that all the different parts of your dream body represent all your different mental and emotional parts.  Your dreaming mind will give form to your mental and emotional abilities so you can better understand how well or how poorly you are using them.

Below is a dream about one of the more common bodily afflictions that occur in our dreams: the inability to open one’s eyes.  It is a great example of how this works. This is from my nationally syndicated  column The Dream Zone…Dear Lauri, I dreamed I couldn’t wake up. I was fighting, clawing at my eyes, trying to get them to open and they wouldn’t. I could hear everything around me but I couldn’t do anything. – Kate 44, Mosinee WI

Lauri:  It sounds like this could be sleep paralysis, where you temporarily get stuck in between being awake and asleep. It tends to happen when we aren’t getting enough good solid sleep. However, you didn’t have the sense of being unable to move so, I will also go ahead and treat this like a dream.

While the eyes of our real life body give us the ability see, the eyes of our dream body give us the ability to “perceive and to understand.” This is why we say, “I see,” when we understand something that has been told to us.

Is there anything you have been turning a blind eye to lately? Something you are afraid to know or face because you are afraid of having a “rude awakening?” Are people telling you things you don’t want to hear? If so, that’s why you could hear what was going on around you but couldn’t do anything.Kate replies:  My ex-husband has been trying to get back with me and I’ve been avoiding the situation. Yet, I still want him in my life but then again I don’t. So I’m torn. The heart says one thing yet brain says another. And yes, EVERYONE has been telling me not to take him back.

Lauri replies:  Well, it seems your subconscious wants you wake up and take a good look at the truth. He’s an ex for a reason. The subconscious is much wiser than we are. Look at it as your second, smarter brain. And listen to it!

Kate’s dream is trying to show her that, taking back her ex is like trying to go through life with her eyes closed. There will be many bumps, trips and falls that can be avoided if she simply opens her eyes and sees the truth.



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